Serge C.

I lack words to describe the deep loving emotion I feel for the entire retreat experience. The spiritual impact is still with me and my wife says I have new light in my eyes. I definitely feel a positive change in my personality. I find it so much easier to let go, to accept things as they are. If I feel negative emotion such as fear or anger I am better at facing it (and I imagine I vomited the feeling). I often go back to the vision and deep emotion of Love I experienced in the last ceremony. And I feel there is still room to go deeper. The ceremony music you played for us was out of this world. I feel there is so much more I want to study and experience about the Spirit world. I found Zoey's website a great source and reference point. I am reading Strassman's "DMT: The Spirit Molecule" and I am really impressed with his concern for and connection to his volunteers. My wife and I would like to come together to a retreat, perhaps in the spring. She also says she can help you with translating with a group of Russians. I hope to keep my Spirit-Vine lessons close to my heart as we run our crazy American middle-class family schedule at full speed. Wishing you all the best. I hope you caught up on your sleep by now!  

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