Ayahuasca retreat at Spirit vine center was the best life experience which I could gave to myself. After years of researching of ayahuasca field and retreats options I let my intuition to guide me on the way of retreat selection and from the first moment I felt completed trust to Silvia, the most incredible human being I have ever met. Her wisdom, transcended ego, compassion, understanding, professional knowledge, unconditional love to every human being made all retreat experience incredible. Each workshop incorporates deep spiritual practices with psychological backgrounds, giving the tools to safely navigate through the ayahuasca ceremonies. But, not just the ceremonies, that's the tool which I put into practice into everyday life, incorporated into daily meditation practices to continue healing. Rohan's presence and help during the retreat activities and the ceremonies, filled with so much understanding, compassion, non-judgement, knowledge, organizational skills made such a positive impact. Silvia and Rohan, thanks for your extraordinary help during my the most vulnerable moments, for your sacred work and to made all retreat experience so profound. Not to forget the perfect accommodation facilities, surrounded with lushes’ jungle and beautiful beaches. I felt in love with vegetarian food, couldn't imagine how tasty and delicious can be, enjoying exploring the vegetarian cuisine at home. Thanks to the all staff that made our staying so perfect. Please, just believe the now 'healed' perfectionist when it's evaluated as perfect. And the most important, the ayahuasca ceremonies. When your soul is called, you cannot escape, it will be in your mind the day after day until you just do it. Then magic happens. Yes, you get what you need and Mother Ayahuasca perfectly knows what is it. Just believe and surrender. That' all. After the one of the most difficult year in my life where I reached the bottom, faced unbearable physical illness and pain, I left the retreat so peaceful with myself, filled with unconditional self-love, learned how to feel, accept, let go and surrender. Not learned from the mind level, but felt. It's incomparable. The magic doesn’t stop working, it's in your cells, showing up through the insides, your intuition, your connection to the higher self. If you are called, just do it! Don't be afraid! And remember, there is no safer place to do this then the Spirit vine retreat center! I'll be back as soon as possible and can't imagine to this anywhere else. See you as soon as possible, Wish you a good and prosperous New Year, Big hugs, Sanja

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