Today is my last day at TheVine center for this time, I look forward to return many times. It was a great Magic experience, fulfilling, a communion of souls. An authentic religious experience, in the etymological sense of the word: religare, re-unite, come together. Mother Nature in full and total intimacy with my soul. Even the snake visit on my first day here (which they say is not unusual) was wonderful. Everything was smooth, sweet, perfect. The companions, the service, the meals. Silvia could not be better, she is a container, wise and has a difficult quality to find in the masters of her size: her Ego never interferes. She is authentically great, the truly great DO NOT suffer grandiosity. Long ago they overcame their “personal importance”. Rohan, one of the facilitators, is discreet, timely, efficient and responsive in his interventions, only when necessary. I am going home full of wonder and amazement, from the view, the colors, the smells, the noises, all my senses. The immense and total peace that dwells in my heart. I even got friendly with insects, I had never paid enough attention to their beauty, the subtlety of their movements, the vibration generated by that buzzing, so familiar … as the one I always feel during the ayahuasca experiences. It was a visit to the inner and the outer Paradise, reconnected with solidarity and love. I pray to God to sustain this state of consciousness and I ask Spirit Vine center to continue being a High Frequency channel, recognized, admired and visited by people from all over the world. Experiences such as those I lived in here are reality transforming, making our planet a better place, since it is only our individual transformation that will change the world. Thank you, infinite Thank you.

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