Jonty C.H.

In July I participated in the 9 day retreat, the highlight of my trip through Brazil and surrounding countries. I personally couldn't have asked for anything better than the way things went at Spiritvine, from the moment of arrival to the retreat instantly feeling safe and secure to the end feeling full energy and ready to tackle the next challenge in life. Siliva, you have done an amazing job transforming your land into such a beautiful space for spiritual rejuvenation and relaxation. I was very impressed by the standard of quality across all facilities and the attention to detail in the presentation. The way the retreat is structured gives all participants sufficient time to reflect on what they have learnt, whilst also creating a safe and enjoyable environment to share the deeper feelings within that arise throughout the journey. Thank you for the guidance and sharing with us all you have learnt over the years and last for your presence throughout the 9 days. Rohan, thank you so much for sharing your story, your wisdom and your uttermost presence with us all throughout the course of the retreat. You and Silvia make the experience an absolute pleasure. To the staff, thank you for keeping the place looking so pristine, and in particular to the kitchen staff for preparing the most amazing and healthy variants of traditional Brazilian foods which provided so much pleasure plus inspiration to take home. Would highly recommend this place to anyone wishing to expand their mind and help forge a better version of themselves. Peace

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