Fiona M.

Spirit Vine

I so enjoyed getting to know you, and spending time with you, and am determined that it will reoccur. I think about Brazil and all my new friends there every day, and I know I will come back in the not too distant future. I really am looking forward to reconvening with Mother Ayahuasca. My experience this year participating in the Ayahuasca Healing Retreat was life-changing. I came in search of solutions to a long-term intense chronic illness; this retreat started a path of healing that is still unfolding four months later. Through the guidance of the retreat leaders, I was able to have a thrilling encounter with this sacred plant, and experience a connection with a profoundly loving and intelligent entity unlike anything else I have ever known. Silvia and Gary were wise, compassionate, generous, and loving. I was able to satisfy my original quest in coming to the retreat - to rediscover the strands of authentic personal energy and life force that will eventually lead me back home to health and happiness.