Casten N.

When I came to Spirit Vine Retreats the first time a few years ago, it was entirely beyond my expectations - closer to a dream come true for me. I think of my life now as before I came to Spirit Vine and after, as my life so completely changed. Hard to describe - I feel lighter, more clarity, more connection to my source. So... I always knew I would come back and it was my secret dream to bring family with me. This last time (June 2011) my dream came true as my son was really excited to come and so I brought my son and his girlfriend - all the more joy to spread around! Well, their experiences were similar to mine, absolutely beyond expectation, not to mention the surroundings are like something from a dream of paradise. The people at Spirit Vine I feel I have known forever and make you feel so absolutely comfortable, like family. I am coming back again in just a few months, this time bringing my boyfriend. I would recommend Spirit Vine to any and everyone seeking a truly enchanted adventure.

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