It is probably my first review ever! I am grateful to Silvia for her guidance and practical helpful techniques she taught us. Silvia has tremendous experience and once you meet her, you just know right away you are in the right hands. I’m now just a week over after my ayahuasca and I still feel that it is working its magic and healing me. I practice the techniques Silvia taught us every day. I keep remembering my childhood and some scenarios are coming up now and then. Overall I feel calmer and happier. I learn how to trust myself and not be fear of my own power, taking back control over my life. I appreciate Rohan’s help, he was always there for us, sharing with us his wisdom, philosophical point of view with a great sense of humor. Whenever I asked Rohan a question, there was always a clever and precise feedback that would make me think and find an answer myself. I am very glad I happened to travel to SpritVine to Silvia and Rohan. This was the place I was meant to get to: safe, calm, peaceful and amazingly beautiful. The energy in the Centre is pure and magical. I cannot recommend this place enough and I hope to be back sometime soon.

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