Ayahuasca Experiences at Spirit Vine, Brazil

Some of the participants from the December 2016 group at the Spirit Vine Retreat Center talk about their experience with ayahuasca, what they learned in the guided workshops, and about other aspects of the retreat. Attached below are a few excerpts from the video. You can also watch the whole video below.

“It was nothing like what I thought it would be. There’s a lot of things saying that it’s almost a harrowing experience and this thing you have to suffer through if you want to have any real great insights as to what to do in life or healing past traumas, all those sorts of things.
But for me it was basically the exact opposite of that, the experience itself was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever had in my entire life and I realized after the first one that there was nothing to fear from ayahuasca.
It’s not this damaging and harrowing thing, only if you let it be that way, but the reality is that it’s actually a really calming and beautiful experience.”

“As long as you follow the steps of keeping the diet, and keeping yourself clean for this experience, there’s no need to be afraid of what you’re going to see, because your experience is not going to be more than you can handle.
It’s definitely going to be what you need to experience. So there’s no need to worry about going crazy or no need to have any kinds of fear, it is a very loving experience and here you’re very well taken care of, and very well guided through the experience.”

“Yeah I would obviously like to recommend this to everybody, but particularly people that are ready to evolve, they want to develop and progress personally, spiritually, but particularly people that are struggling unnecessarily. People who are not living life because they’re frightened of this, or they’ve got barriers, or they’re held back by their traumas, because I think these are people that are really going to experience massive transformations, but yeah everyone could benefit.”

“Silvia taught us a great technique for releasing pain in your body, and I feel like I’ve been carrying this kind of pain in my heart for such a long time. I mean there’s nothing wrong with my heart, it’s not like I have a heart problem, but there was this pain which I’ve been carrying for the longest time.
Using this technique during the ayahuasca second ceremony I was able to release a lot of the pain, and it’s a technique you could use any time in your life at a later stage, but even if I never do it was amazing to actually be free from all of this buried pain that I was carrying with me.”

“For me the best is I feel like a baby kangaroo that’s in it’s mother’s pouch, so I’m getting to sort of explore the wild outback, but I have a feeling of being held and safe at the same time, and it’s not something I’ve experienced before, so it’s just really quite special.”

“I’ve been working with hypnosis for quite a long time and I have to say that what makes all the difference is who is guiding you throughout it and Silvia’s very good at it, for the spirit release, as much as she is good at guiding you throughout the ceremony, and very supportive and taking care of everybody in every single moment.”

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