Recommended Books September 2019

Into The Void

by Zoe Seven

What exists beyond what we perceive as light and darkness, reality and fantasy, madness and sanity, identity and personality, brain and mind, yin and yang?

The Void… Oddly enough the Void is anything but nothingness..

Based on the author’s investigative research, experiments and explorations, this book promises to take your mind where few others have gone before… Or dared to! Join consciousness researcher and modern-day shaman Zoe7 as he sets out on an unparalleled journey of self-discovery in search of his own answers about the nature of the physical dimension and of the human mind, space, time, consciousness, existence, their genesis, purpose and other unknowns, and finds them! Now you too can see and experience through the eyes and the mind of the author, the awesome visuals and earth-shattering revelations and insights he came into.

Packed with startling and unprecedented never-before published information about the nature of consciousness and the human mind, as well as with myth-shattering scientific theories and explanations on how brain technology devices, psychedelics, and hallucinogens affect brain functioning, this body of work is destined to become a classic in “New Edge” literature; and come to be regarded as a true landmark achievement in the fields of spirituality, philosophy, science, and consciousness research, at a time when perhaps it is needed most – the twenty first century.

Sum: Forty Tales from the Afterlives

by David Eagleman

At once funny, wistful and unsettling, Sum is a dazzling exploration of unexpected afterlives—each presented as a vignette that offers a stunning lens through which to see ourselves in the here and now. In one afterlife, you may find that God is the size of a microbe and unaware of your existence. In another version, you work as a background character in other people’s dreams. Or you may find that God is a married couple, or that the universe is running backward, or that you are forced to live out your afterlife with annoying versions of who you could have been. With a probing imagination and deep understanding of the human condition, acclaimed neuroscientist David Eagleman offers wonderfully imagined tales that shine a brilliant light on the here and now.

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