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December 2022 Retreat Testimonial

Part 1 : “Spiritvine Retreats vs other Center’s Retreats”
and “Bringing the Bullies to the Light was the Key to Remove their Power”

-Differences between the retreats here and other retreat centers
-When somebody is not ready to come?
-I didn´t know I didn´t forgive myself for things I had done
-Bringing the bullies to the light of my consciousness removed their power over me
– If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, this is the write work to do
-I realized why I was stuck in a loop.
-He stopped living in survival mode during the second ceremony when he discovered to save his parents with 3 years old was not realistic
-My inner child was envy because I didn´t have a loving father

Part 2: “Healing the Reasons Why I was Using Drugs”
and “Removing other People´s Voices allowed my Power to come back”

-Something happened to me when I was 3 years old that caused of my addictions
-Ayahuasca will force you to face your problems
-We can be addicted to anything, for example to feel guilty
-I realized I had to suffer to be hard
-I put my mother in the pedestal and now I can continue loving her and I can see her for what she really is
-I realized my anxiety was caused for the voice of my mother inside of my head
-Committed to heal vs interested in healing
-During this retreat I jumped to a higher level of awareness
-His power was blocked because he had a lot of voices telling him what to do

Journal Club with Dr. Peter Attia | Effects of Light & Dark on Mental Health & Treatments for Cancer

Andrew Huberman interviews Dr. Peter Attia about the healing properties of sun light and mental health. How bright light exposure at sunrise and throughout the day and dark exposure at night independently improve mental health and can offset some of the major symptoms of mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety

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