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October 2022 Retreat Testimonial

Part 1 : " Healing the grief for her father's death "

Healing the grief for her father’s death. She saw him, he is not sick and in pain anymore and the connection is strong. She said: grateful for this extra time I spent with him in these higher states, in the state of his healed consciousness”

Part 2: " My shame was not mine "

A participant said:” Finally I can be myself, my shame was not mine, I feel free about other’s people opinions about my body. Carrying other people’s opinions on the body was creating tension and pain, not anymore.

Low Grade Narcissists | 5 Things You Need To Know

In this video, You will learn 5 things you need to know about Low grade Narcissists, watch all the way to the end to find out what you can say word by word to test for it in an individual.

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