Recommended Books October 2019

Afterlife: A Modern Guide to the Unseen Realms

by Ian Lawton

Do you want to know what it’s really like to die? Would you like a modern guide to the inevitable? Thanks to brave out-of-body explorers, now you can prepare yourself… with the most reliable information that’s ever been available.

For millennia various prophets, gurus, visionaries and mystics have given us descriptions of what happens after death. Their tales of assorted heavens and hells have inspired and terrified in equal measure. But their use of symbolism and archaic language can be baffling. What’s more the reliability of their accounts is questionable.

Increasingly in the modern world ordinary people have shared their ‘near-death experiences’ of entering ‘the light’, and of meeting friends, relatives, guides or angels. But it’s equally debatable how much of the true picture these one-off experiences can reveal, because they involve so much subjective interpretation. Enter the pioneering ‘out-of-body’ explorers who, in the last half century especially, have repeatedly and deliberately expanded their consciousness to experience other planes of reality. Once the inevitable subjective differences have been removed, their experiments show some remarkable underlying consistencies.

Now these reports can be brought together to produce a simple, state-of-the-art guide to an afterlife we’ll all experience sooner or later. One that contains myriad possibilities. These range from various heavens created by the collective human expectations of different religious groups, to personal hells where misguided souls insist on punishing themselves. To those involved these experiences appear just as real as the physical life we’re in now, yet all represent varying degrees of illusion.

Most of us enter the afterlife in ignorance. But if you’re ready to take advantage of modern discoveries, this is a guide that will dispel the illusions and free your soul to expand into realms previously attained only by the few. Realms of supreme lucidity, awareness, unity… and, above all, love.

The Courage to Heal: A Guide for Women Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse

by Elen Bass & Laura Davis

Weaving together personal experience with professional knowledge, the authors provide clear explanations, practical suggestions, strategies, and support throughout the survival healing process — as well as help, hope and reassurance for families, friends, and caregivers. Readers will feel recognized and encouraged by hundreds of moving first-person accounts drawn from interviews and the author’s extensive work with survivors, both nationally and internationally. Available in translations, as well as in an enhanced audio format, its life-saving messages resonate across cultural, linguistic, racial, religious, and geographical boundaries.
New elements included in this fourth edition are: • an emphasis on self-care and pacing during the healing process • contemporary research on trauma and the brain, memory , and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) • an increased focus on the body’s role in healing • an overview of powerful new healing tools such as imagery, meditation, spirituality, and body-centered practices • stories that reflect an even greater diversity of survivors and their experiences • in-depth guidance to help assess evolving family relationships • new prose and poetry • reassuring accounts of survivors who have been healing for more than twenty years • insights from the authors’ decades of experience • and a comprehensive up-to-date resource guide.
Readers have called The Courage to Heal “invaluable,” a “beacon of hope,” “wise and gentle,” and a “lifesaver.” Cherished by survivors, and recommended by therapists and institutions everywhere, The Courage to Heal has long been considered an empowering recovery tool, as well as an essential resource for victims of child sexual abuse, incest and trauma, as well as for their loved ones.

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