The Irritation Is NOT In The Event, It’s In YOU!

The-Irritation-is-Not-in-the-Event-Its-In-You-300x210What is Happiness? When we say we are seeking happiness what we really mean is, we will be happy when we get everything we want. Unfortunately life is not built like that.

Many seek happiness by wanting the world to conform to their desires. They work hard and attempt to influence people to do what they want, even manipulate or tell lies to bend reality to their needs. This is the ego’s way of being happy. It never works.

What we really seek is not happiness but peace. Why? Peace comes from bending ourselves to reality. The ego never wants us to do this. Bending ourselves means to accept what is. No matter what occurs we can be at peace with it when we can look at the event and say to ourselves “Interesting that this happened, now what am I going to do about it”?

That is truly being in the now!

The ego of course will always do a dance about what the event means and why the outcome is wrong. That can be when we speed and receive a speeding fine, a loved one does something that irritates us or a child misbehaves. The ego always judges, always comments,always has a story, and always wants to keep us living in the future focused on what could,should or might happen. Even if something happens we want, the ego will still search for the next thing it wants to occur. It always wants more.

The ego can never be still or satisfied with What Is!

You may have heard this advice before about living in the present or the now. We all know form personal experience It is far easier to say it, than when we attempt to achieve it. This is because you attempt to be peaceful rather than find peace and hence become it.

The Tao Te Ching says:

How can one turn the turbid water into clarity?
A person of Tao would maintain peace in order to achieve pureness of the mind.
And therefore shall not be disturbed by the worldly desires.
After achieving pureness of the mind, how can one let it be everlasting?
A person of Tao would unify and harmonize himself with all beings which shall lead to eternity.
Those who abide by this Tao will not indulge themselves in the desire of greed.
It is because of this humbleness that enables one to embrace the original “Oneness,” the Great Tao.

There is only one source of peace that cannot be shifted or disturbed which emanates from the divine. The ego’s peace is constructed from matchsticks. It falls over at the slightest irritation. If things don’t go according to the ego’s plan it reacts and is set in motion. Worrying, panicking driving you crazy with its comments and concerns.

Divine Peace

Contrast that with the divine’s peace which is steady and is built not on a belief, but on an experience that we are truly immortal and nothing can really harm us.

For some that can be a belief inspired by the ego, or it can be an experience that you carry into everyday living with you derived from a direct connection with the divine. In the light of that peace nothing can upset you. The irritation is now gone.

To find that peace means you must first awaken!

Author: Brett Jones

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