Ayahuasca and the Art of Kahuna

by Lore Solaris


There are a lot of compatibility between the experience of Kahuna Body Work and Ayahuasca. I have been blessed to have completed certification in Kahuna Body Work through Mette’s Institute in Australia and it has been a beautiful journey of awakening.

Kahuna massage is an ancient shamanic practice used by shamans in the south pacific as a rite of passage or as a transformational process. The massage itself is a ritual ceremony and the practitioner will engage with a specific flow of energy, often referred to as “Aloha” or simply “the flow”.

The kahuna masseur will move around the table using hula and tai chi style movements working with energies to apply soft and deep tissue massage using music to apply harmony and balance to the rhythms within the clients body mind and soul.

People often experience a deep sense of nurturing and awakening during a kahuna experience, much like the presence of ayahuasca. The ritual of the massage allows the receiver to let go into a safe space to open the senses and mind to spiritual awareness. It is common for people to experience powerful thoughts, emotions, visions, colours and sensations. In the days following a kahuna massage emotions may arise that have been released during the body work.

I chose to study Kahuna as my experience of it had always been deeply significant, in a similar flowing, deeply beautiful energy to ayahuasca. I have found that Kahuna is a perfect compliment to ayahuasca as the flow of the Kahuna ritual moves the soul in much the same way. During an ayahuasca retreat a lot of work is done in the mental and emotional bodies and a Kahuna can be a good addition to release further from the physical body.

Kahuna Massage is a traditional shamanic practice of Polynesia, in particular Hawaii. There is a rich tradition and philosophy in the art of Huna, founded on seven spiritual principles which relate to all aspects of life and creation. Take some time to contemplate them and talk to the Spirit Vine team if you would like a kahuna experience during your next retreat.


IKE – The world is what you think it is “I am aware”

KALA – There are no limits, We are all one “I am free”

MAKIA – Energy flows where attention goes “I am focused”

MANAWA – Now is the moment of power “I am here, now”

ALOHA – To love is to be happy “I am happy”

MANA – All power comes from within “I am confident”

PONO – Effectiveness is the measure of truth “I am positive”


Kahuna Massage is available at the Retreats from December until April 2014


Born in Australia, Lore Solaris has lived a deep spiritual existence and travelled to many places in the world learning traditional and indigenous knowledge. Weaving energy and cosmic awareness across sacred planetary sites, Lore has worked and lived in a variety of settings.

Lore studied Psychology and Sociology at the University of Sydney and has worked for 18 years in Narrative Therapy Counseling, Community Development and Social and Environmental Ecology projects in Australia and Brazil. Lore is a visionary artist and musician having collaborated with many other artists around the world, most recently developing extensive creative projects with Indigenous communities in central Australia.

Lore is a Spiritual Counselor and Kahuna Body Worker and currently resides at the Spirit Vine Centre in Itacaré, Bahia, Brazil.

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