Recommended Books March 2021

~ Anthony Peake ~

A Guide to Your Extraordinary Secret Self


In The Daemon: A Guide to Your Extraordinary Secret Self, Peake expands on one of the most enigmatic areas of his previous book, the proposition that all consciously aware beings consist of not one but two separate consciousnesses – everyday consciousness and that of The Daemon, a higher being that seems to possess knowledge of future events.

Integral to this book are the stories of many famous artists, poets, politicians, musicians and scientists who have felt ‘a force outside themselves’, including Winston Churchill, Byron, Geothe, Jean Cocteau and many others.

A Practical Guide to Healing & Transformation with the Regenetics Method
~ Gregor Maehle ~

Brain software for a new civilization


Do you remember a time when you knew your life would be amazing and you would live to make a meaningful contribution to life on Earth? And then what happened? Somehow our education and enculturation cut us off from this sacred knowledge and élan vital. We became cynics and “realists”.

Since time immemorial human societies were organized around the idea that life has divine purpose. This book traces this knowledge to indigenous cultures, the Bhagavad Gita, the Bible and the Yoga Sutra. Our loss of this understanding is what has led to our environmental destruction and the 6th mass extinction of life as well as the current epidemic of mental disorders. 

This book not only shows how we lost the wisdom that all life is sacred and purposeful, it also introduces layers of technique to lead us back to finding and gradually implementing our life’s divine purpose. 

Also covered are: •Our life’s divine purpose in relation to quantum mechanics, astrophysics and evolutionary psychology •Connection to bio-symbiosis, brain development and homeostasis •The practice & psychology of finding one’s life’s divine purpose •Overcoming obstacles •How do we know it’s the right voice? •Daily cleansing regime of the subconscious mind •Being in the zone and absence of internal dialogue

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