Man Traveled to Space and Saw Incredible Things Through an Out of Body Experience



Ever wanted to travel outside your own body to view a remote location? Well, many of us have wanted to do this very thing, laying prone on the bed reaching for the heightened state of euphoria. The thing is, someone has already done this! There is a man who has crossed space to view a very remote location. He has told his story to NASA, leaving the world around him in awe!

Before NASA discovered it and before scientists had the slightest clue, Ingo Swann viewed a ring around Jupiter. This wasn’t done in a special spacecraft or even in a dream. Ingo Swann viewed the ring around Jupiter from the remote location of earth, and this was no regular vision. Ingo was practicing remote viewing, a phenomenon that many think does, in fact, exist.

Old news

The news of Ingo Swann is old news. This remote viewing idea is no modern thing. In 1972, NASA’s Pioneer 10 Spacecraft set out to find evidence of many things in the solar system. Before the mission, Ingo suggested to scientists that a ring existed around Jupiter, and after the mission, evidence from the spacecraft proved that Ingo was right. This news was proof of Ingo’s ability to conduct remote viewing, a very strange and Science fiction way to thinking.

This incident wasn’t the only way that this man proved his abilities. Before he suggested the idea of a ring being around Jupiter, Ingo was able to describe pictures, numbers and letters that were hidden away inside envelops. His amazing abilities were noted and remembered during the time of the space discoveries in 1972, before the Jupiter incident. Old news, maybe-but this incident was so powerful that the government decided to close the case in fear that we, the people, might gain more understanding on the hidden things of space. It didn’t matter and it doesn’t matter today. We are forever searching and imagining the limits of what this man could do.

Remote viewing sparks curiosity

What was documented then is different from what is known now. After a time, Ingo shared even more about his ability to see things far away. Beyond the records of his Saturn ring discovery, are more strange details about what his man knows, and that we could only dream about. Ingo says that he sees humanoid figures on the back side of the moon. He sees these beings constructing and moving random objects about the surface of the heavenly body. There is no elaboration on who or what these beings may be, but he is adamant in his perception.

What Ingo did or did not really see is left in a mysterious haze of thought. It seems that some of us may be satisfied by the idea of remote viewing, but this isn’t true for all. Remote viewing is seen as just the start of something unthinkable. If certain ones of us can see so very far into space, then some of us may be able to see even farther.

Unfortunately, people are afraid to come forward with their discoveries of the mind. Whether the fear stems from rational reasons of from the fear of alien abductions, we may never know. One thing is for certain, the mysteries continue to unfold, leaving us breathless and panting for more. The ultimate out of body experience may eventually lead us to the outer limits of space itself, and this will be a gigantic mile stone for the human race.


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