Heavy Metal Cleanse

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As part of comprehensive body detoxification, a heavy metal cleanse or detox has an important role.

Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, the production and distribution of heavy metals has increased at an alarming rate. In fact, the air, water, and topsoil have all been permeated with these metals, and they tend to persist in both the environment and in the human body because they cannot be degraded or destroyed.

Heavy metals continue to be widely employed in industries like agriculture, food processing, cosmetics, personal care products, and household cleaners; though the two that most readily come to mind, lead and mercury, come from paint and seafood respectively.

Electronic waste actually serves as a prime source of heavy metals like lead, mercury, cadmium, and chromium. Heavy metals like arsenic, cadmium, nickel, and lead have toxic effects even in the smallest amounts, and represent a significant health threat if ingested, absorbed or inhaled.

The following partial list includes the most common heavy metals and their potential sources.

Heavy metal poisoning can disrupt normal bodily functions and lead to everything from depression, to insomnia to poor memory, and kidney and liver damage. To enjoy optimal health, a heavy metal cleanse or detox is thus important.

  • Aluminum – Drugs, including anatacids, most baking powders, certain cosmetics and antiperspirants, foil, and acid rain. The removal of aluminum is important in any heavy metal cleanse protocol.
  • Arsenic – pesticides, smog, wood preservatives in pressure treated lumber, green pigments in certain toys, upholstery fabrics, and carpets.
  • Cadmium – automobile exhaust, cigarettes, art supplies and art glazes, batteries, Teflon, and plastic.
  • Copper – Certain cooking utensils and plumbing, insecticides, and gold dental fillings or crowns.
  • Lead- paint prior to 1970, insecticides, bullets, pewter ware, tap water, batteries, and stained glass. Another important metal to be removed in heavy metal cleanses.
  • Mercury- dental restorations and fillings, some vaccines and medicines, pesticides, fish (especially tuna, shark, and a few other species), florescent lights, cosmetics, and fabric softeners. Yet another crucial metal to get rid of in heavy metal cleanses.
  • Nickel – dental crowns and root canals, hydrogenated oils, batteries, cigarette smoke, and stainless steel.
  • Platinum – some dental gold, and automobile exhaust.

Additional Examples

  • Bismuth oxychloride, a heavy metal added to many mineral makeup lines in order to provide products with a pearlescent finish; it can cause itching, breakouts and general irritation in some women.
  • Some dyes contain formaldehyde, pentachlorophenol, and other heavy metals which can trigger textile-related allegories in sensitive individuals. If you have sensitivities, or worry about the long term effects such chemical dyes may have, switch to clothing that has been dyed with a vegetable or soy-based natural dye. The labels should say “unbleached” and “chlorine free”.

IV_drip_ARTTargeted Cleanse

Heavy metals can be notoriously difficult to remove from the body and require a targeted heavy metal cleanse. Chelation constitutes a practice used by certain alternative medicine physicians and progressive medical doctors. It involves the introduction of certain substances into the blood stream which bind to the metals. Once attracted and bound to the “chelating agent”, the metals can be more easily expelled from the body.

However, certain other essential nutritive minerals like zinc and selenium can become displaced during the process, necessitating an additional supplementation during the cleansing process.

Under medical supervision, one can also undergo a chelation procedure with potent specific chelating agents like EDTA, DMSA, or PMPS, to drive the metal out from organs and tissues and eventually out of the body. The powerful agents work to pull the heavy metals into the urine, where they can be excreted naturally by the body.

General Metal Cleanse

Any individual can also undergo a general heavy metal cleanse that allows gradual restoration of balance in the body by slowly bringing down the toxic metal load. Formulas which make use of natural chelating agents, such as certain minerals, vitamins, and amino acids, can be utilized. A total body cleanse should be performed before initiating heavy metal cleansing in order to be most effective. However, the regimen outlined works slowly, and may take several months for full effect.

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