Can The Ego Create An Illusion…

Of Happiness Within Us?

art2Yes, never underestimate the tricks of the ego. The ego will help you remain in denial about the things in your life that need healing by helping you put on a fake mask of happiness, health and contentment. The ego will keep you fearful of change and it will help you justify your repetitive patterns that truly no longer serve your highest good. Our egos blind us and keep us in the darkness of lower self re-creations over and over again making it difficult for us to access our higher consciousness because we are too busy projecting our issues outside of ourselves onto other people. Instead of spending time in inner reflection really connecting with our true being allowing ourselves the time to SEE and FEEL what is going on in our own life, we are more interested in looking at the chaos, dysfunction and pain in other people’s lives so we can keep ourselves distracted and feel better about our selves.

The ego is deceptive because it creates a filter (veil of illusion) that distorts the way our mind perceives everything. This veil keeps us on the outer path of denial and projection instead of the inner path of contemplation, self transcendence and authenticity. It takes soul strength, determination and brutal self honesty to transcend the ego. We have to be willing to see it working within us before we can take dominion over it. When we finally decide to face God and integrate more light into our egos ~ we will have to face the SELF! The things within us that we have been in denial about will come to the surface. Many people who embark on the spiritual path of ascension to claim more light, joy and peace find themselves in a period of darkness as all the stored anger, pain, resentment, denials and distorted beliefs – we have stored in our subconscious – rise to the surface to be cleared. Depression, anxiety, fear and confusion are normal as we step into our truth. The serpentine lies we have created must be brought forth into our conscious awareness so we can see them and heal them. Otherwise, they will remain buried in the depths of our ego and shadow consciousness and these lies and distortions will keep us stuck in the dramas of karmic circumstances and the wheel of reincarnation.

art3Many people often say during this difficult time period where their entire energetic system is being reconstructed that they wish they could go back to the days where they were in denial like the rest of humanity because it was so much easier. However, the work we put forth towards our ascension is worth it because we are returning to our truth and aligning ourselves with our higher soul. Once this energetic merging occurs, our insecurities will decrease because we will have absolute knowingness of our connection to Source energy. We will have had a direct experience of this agape love and we will know that everything that has ever occurred to us was a stepping stone that got us to this exact space of re-member-ing who we truly are. A large portion of things we were struggling with will simply disappear as the light of our higher being continues to purify our system. Our life will unfold with ease and grace because we are now creating with conscious awareness. And when a new soul lesson is brought forth to evolve our souls to a new level, we will not resist it. We will face it and we will move through it knowing that we are not alone….and never have been.

So stay focused on what you want. Stay focused on the ascension of your soul. Know that everyone has to go through a major period of spiritual detox before we are able to raise our vibrations high enough so our physical bodies and our chakra systems can safely integrate the very high vibrational energies of our higher souls. Remain in gratitude for this opportunity to cleanse and purge lifetimes of stored pain you have been carrying around for a very long time. Surrender to the process of soul transmutation and allow your entire being to be purified and alchemicalized so you can turn your lead (darkness) into gold (light). Have absolute faith that your higher soul and ascension teams are aware of everything going on within you and your higher soul will merge into oneness with you in perfect divine timing.

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