Recommended Books July 2015


Rebirth Into Pure Land: A True Story of Birth, Death, and Transformation & How We Can Prepare for The Most Amazing Journey of Our Lives – Robert Sachs

In 1984, Robert Sachs’ daughter, Shamara Phillipa, died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Although tragic for Robert’s entire family, Shamara’s death happened in a most unusual circumstance. A Tibetan Buddhist lama was staying at Robert’s home and performed the Tibetan Buddhist practice known as phowa (pronounced POH WHAH) or transference of consciousness at the time of death. From this practice, Robert and his wife, Melanie, witnessed an amazing transformation in their daughter’s appearance – things that defied medical explanation. And then for 10 days, it was as if everything they had ever learned about life and living was radically changed as what can only be defined as miracle after miracle continued to unfold before their eyes. These events changed the direction of Robert’s career in healthcare. Along with training as a social worker, he privately trained in the phowa practice and studied and deepened his study for the sciences of healing from the east. Now, a hospice social worker and counselor for many years, Robert has decided to share Shamara’s story and the practical and spiritual wisdom he has gleaned from his own practice, the teachings of many great healers and spiritual masters, and the many clients he has been with over the years. Of Rebirth Into Pure Land, Stephen Levine (author of Turning Towards the Mystery) says, “This is a book of options, an honoring of the continuum that few have believed possible. It is a rare tale about the death of a child and the rebirth of the spirit in the hearts of all who were near – and the skillful passing into what is available to us all – our original nature.” And, that is Robert’s goal; to offer each and every one of us the practical and spiritual means and resources we need to work with a moment in our lives that each and everyone of us will face. Robert sees dying and death as the sum total of what we have ever learned about life and living. Though for many a time filled with tragedy and sorrow, it is, in truth, our finest moment and probably the most amazing part of our journey through life. Thus, in Robert’s words, “Rebirth Into Pure Land is a guidebook to help us in the most amazing journey of our lives.”


FearlessFearless Death: Buddhist Wisdom on the Art of Dying – Lama Ole Nyahl

For centuries Tibetan Buddhist masters have uncovered joy and meaning in the dying process. For them death is not a mystery. They know what will happen and see it as a great chance for spiritual development. Fearless Death makes their teachings accessible to the modern West. In this book, Lama Ole Nydahl condenses the information he learned from years spent with great Buddhist masters in the East. His explanations are enriched by decades of experience guiding modern people through the dying process.
In 1968, Lama Ole and his wife Hannah began training with meditation masters of the Kagyu and Nyingma schools of Tibetan Buddhism in the Himalayas. In 1972, Lama Ole learned the rare meditation practice of conscious dying (Phowa) according to the wishes of his teacher, the great 16th Karmapa Rangjung Rigpe Dorje. Since then he has taught the Phowa practice to over 90,000 people throughout the western world, inspiring them to live for others and face death without fear.
People are less afraid of things they can understand. With Phowa training and the knowledge found in this book, readers can transform fear and doubt into confidence and a calm state of mind when facing death.


Forbidden_archForbidden Archeology: The Hidden History of the Human Race – Michael A. Cremo

Over the centuries, researchers have found bones and artifacts proving that humans like us have existed for millions of years. Mainstream science, however, has supppressed these facts. Prejudices based on current scientific theory act as a “knowledge filter,” giving us a picture of prehistory that is largely incorrect.

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