Recommended Videos January 2019

Ayahuasca Retreat Testimonial: Insights from the Ayahuasca Experience at Spirit Vine

Participants from our November 2018 retreat share their insights from the ayahuasca experience and the workshops during the 9 days at our center in the Atlantic rainforest near Itacare, Brazil.

Ayahuasca Retreat Testimonial: Why did you choose an Ayahuasca Retreat in Brazil?

Participants from our November 2018 retreat share the reasons for choosing to do an ayahuasca retreat in Brazil.

Wireless wake-up call | Jeromy Johnson | TEDxBerkeley

A Silicon-valley engineer turned technology health advocate, Jeromy Johnson discusses our attachment to technology and the health hazards such an addiction may hold.

eTalks – The Secrets of Food Marketing

Think you aren’t being fooled by advertising tricks? Take a look at this so-called expert revealing food marketing’s secret weapon.

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