Recommended Books January 2017

Spirit Vine January 2017, Recommended Books

The Silent Healer: A Modern Study of Aloe Vera

by Billy C. Coats

For more than thirty years, The Silent Healer has been the definitive sourcebook on Aloe Vera in the world. Truly an encyclopedic work sponsored and co-authored by the father of practical Aloe technology, Bill Coats, this “Modern Study of Aloe Vera” has now been re-released with new material in every chapter.
With over 50,000 copies already in print, this 21st century edition of The Silent Healer has amassed, defined, and sponsored applications of Aloe Vera in scientific research, medical case histories, patient and animal studies, skin-care, veterinary medicine, professional athletics and even agricultural and environmental breakthroughs.
Written with the pace and passion of a great work of fiction, this book is a treasure trove of fact. Replete with over ninety before and after photos, innumerable research findings, and dozens of physicians’ reports in thousands of applications, The Silent Healer seamlessly crosses over into an in depth analysis of such areas as skin care, cosmetology, and athletic uses for every major collegiate and professional sports organization including the NFL, NBA, NHL, NCAA and Major League Baseball. And more…
The perfect reference for layperson and professional alike, The Silent Healer (fourth edition) places Aloe where it belongs: ahead-of-the curve for future breakthroughs that are taking place today. It is a must read for any serious student of the subject.

Inner Engineering: A Yogi’s Guide to Joy

by Sadhguru

The practice of hatha yoga, as we commonly know it, is but one of eight branches of the body of knowledge that is yoga. In fact, yoga is a sophisticated system of self-empowerment that is capable of harnessing and activating inner energies in such a way that your body and mind function at their optimal capacity. It is a means to create inner situations exactly the way you want them, turning you into the architect of your own joy.

A yogi lives life in this expansive state, and in this transformative book Sadhguru tells the story of his own awakening, from a boy with an unusual affinity for the natural world to a young daredevil who crossed the Indian continent on his motorcycle. He relates the moment of his enlightenment on a mountaintop in southern India, where time stood still and he emerged radically changed. Today, as the founder of Isha, an organization devoted to humanitarian causes, he lights the path for millions. The term guru, he notes, means “dispeller of darkness, someone who opens the door for you. . . . As a guru, I have no doctrine to teach, no philosophy to impart, no belief to propagate. And that is because the only solution for all the ills that plague humanity is self-transformation. Self-transformation means that nothing of the old remains. It is a dimensional shift in the way you perceive and experience life.” The wisdom distilled in this accessible, profound, and engaging book offers readers time-tested tools that are fresh, alive, and radiantly new. Inner Engineering presents a revolutionary way of thinking about our agency and our humanity and the opportunity to achieve nothing less than a life of joy.

Violence and the Sacred

by Rene Girard

Violence and the Sacred is René Girard’s landmark study of human evil. Here Girard explores violence as it is represented and occurs throughout history, literature and myth. Girard’s forceful and thought-provoking analyses of Biblical narrative, Greek tragedy and the lynchings and pogroms propagated by contemporary states illustrate his central argument that violence belongs to everyone and is at the heart of the sacred.