Is Remote Viewing Real?

Experts Reveal Their Insights About Remote Viewing
Author: Danielle Graham

What is Remote Viewing?

Remote Viewing is the ability to perceive information nonlocally, or, from great distances, outside of what are considered normally accessible by the five senses.

The term was originally conceived by science researchers who were contracted by intelligence agencies to determine whether or not accurate psychic information access was viable for potential military applications. Those researchers, working along side skilled psychics Ingo Swann and Pat Price, determined that psychic, non-local information access was indeed verifiable.


The early research work was carried out at the Electronics and Bioengineering Lab at Stanford Research Institute (SRI). It was funded by the US Government when the intelligence community became aware of the fact that both the USSR and China were conducting ESP research.

Systematic protocols were established enabling selected military personnel the opportunity to develop their psychic spying potential. Millions of dollars of government funding were budgeted for the programs. It was determined that the percentage of accurate intelligence information obtained justified the costs of the programs.

Regardless, pseudo-skeptics and naysayers have refused to accept the evidence of paranormal information access as valid, choosing instead to lump remote viewing in the same category as crystal balls and fortunetellers on the boardwalk. In most cases skeptical arguments are opinion-driven without any rational or evidentiary basis for the negativity.

On the other hand, remote viewing training has become a growth industry. There are dozens of training organizations in addition to books, DVD’s, seminars, and retreat facilities that feature and/or include remote viewing curriculum.

What has become certain is that people are interested in developing their innate potential and remote viewing has established itself as a valid skill set. It allows those who develop it to have an experience of themselves as no longer bound by their physical identity or senses.

SuperConsciousness features excerpts from three books written by either the scientists who studied and developed the remote viewing protocols, or, by trained professional remote viewers themselves. Further, all the authors agree: Once you experience it yourself, you’ll know that nonlocal information access is for real! And even more importantly, you’ll experience the true nature of yourself.

Scientists Look at Psychic Abilities

By Russell Targ and Harold E. Puthoff ©1977, Hampton Roads Publishing

Authors Targ and Puthoff were the original scientists who investigated psychic ability for the government and developed the training protocols that are still in use today.

Our Approach to Psychic Research

As physicists researching so-called paranormal phenomena, we are, first of all, scientists. But by necessity, we are also facilitators whose field of action is in some sense the politics of consciousness. Therefore, we often function in the laboratory as counselors and confidants in our efforts to convince subjects that it is “safe” to be psychic. In addition to establishing rigorous scientific protocols, our task has been to find a way to provide a supportive environment in which the men and women who work with us feel they have permission to use their latent paranormal abilities.

Creating the proper environment to encourage psychic activity in our several subjects is the major theme of this book. Our laboratory experiments suggest to us that anyone who feels comfortable with the idea of having paranormal ability can have it. At least one hypothesis as to why the country is not filled with people exhibiting a high degree of psychic functioning is that it is frowned upon by society. We share an historical tradition of the stoning of prophets and the burning of witches. In light of what is known in psychology there can be little doubt that negative reaction from society is sufficient to discourage many fledgling psychics. In sharing our experiences, our methodologies, and our results, we hope to provide the reader with an opportunity to examine the effects of condition, obvious or subtle, which may be limiting his or her own abilities.

Even worse, psychic functioning has had more than its share of charlatans. As a result, the issue of psychic functioning is avoided by a large segment of society who do not wish to chance being fooled, even at the cost of being wrong. It is acceptable to be wrong if you have company; it is painful to be right when alone.

Captain of My Ship, Master of My Soul
Living with Guidance

By F. Holmes [Skip] Atwater ©2001, Hampton Roads Publishing

This is one of the best books written by a military professional about remote viewing. Included is a CD containing video and audio clips as well as an extensive selection of photocopies of declassified intelligence reports. The book is part autobiography and part inside story about the extraordinary years of the military’s systematic utilization for general information gathering and delicate intelligence retrieval. For Skip Atwater, his experiences became the door to his spiritual awakening.

Looking Back, an Epilogue

Is remote viewing real? Those who research the field may come to convince themselves of its veracity based on the accumulating scientific evidence of the psychic phenomena. Psychologically, however, those well-meaning truth seekers remain protected by a defense mechanism. They can always escape back into their old belief systems under the guise that all the research is bogus and that it couldn’t possibly be true.

I, however, do not have the luxury of this psychological safe haven I was the operations officer for the Star Gate remote-viewing unit.

I controlled the protocols and information overtly available to the remote viewers. I know, because I was there, that there was no fraud. Remote viewing is real. It works.

To me, the value of remote viewing lies not in so-called practical applications like performing services for business, industry, government, and science; or aiding in the recovery of lost children, assisting the FBI on kidnap cases, or helping to fight terrorism; or even contacting UFOs or spiritual beings. The value of remote viewing rests with the experience itself.

Remote viewing is like stopping to smell the flowers, drinking a goblet of fine vintage wine, or making love. Through remote viewing, we realize (make real) the true nature of ourselves as sentient beings.

If remote viewing is going to be part of my future, it will be to serve in some way to promote increased first-person experiences of remote viewing and the discovery of who we are as human beings and the meaning that has for humankind.

Opening To The Infinite

By Stephan A. Schwartz ©2007, Nemoseen Media

Stephan Schwartz once utilized remote viewing for archeological purposes – successfully, and those nonmilitary applications make this book an interesting and worthy read.


When enough individuals begin to question, the existing paradigm goes into crisis. People who defend the old paradigm gather round and become very vehement and passionate in its defense. We see a lot of that today because we are on the verge of change brought on by the merging at the edges of physics, biology, and medicine.

History shows us the way. A tiny group of people holding an intention, by the nature of their beingness ultimately can compel the greater whole to change. We say, well they stayed with it for a long time, but I would argue that time is not the issue. It’s that they stayed with their purpose with clear intention. I think all the research I have described in this book is telling us that this is the realm of the Will. Time and space are the longitude and latitude of the Will. Intention is the ineffable nature of consciousness focused by Will. This is how we create an effect. This is how things are changed. Mastering Remote Viewing as with mastery of any other inner path, gives us the power to sustain intention, and the sensitivity to be aware of dimension of the self that coarser sensibilities cannot perceive.

Ultimately, Remote Viewing gives us the direct understanding that we are nonlocal beings involved in a process of transcendence, To the degree that we support things that are life-affirming, which is knowledge of the interdependence and interconnectedness of all life, to that degree, we nurture and support the best that is within us.

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