Recommended Videos April 2017

Ayahuasca Retreat Review by Anders

A participant from Sweden shares his experience and opinion about Spirit Vine Ayahusaca Retreat Center. To see more videos visit this page: /resources/video/

Reincarnation by Guy Needler

Guy Steven Needler initially trained as a mechanical engineer and quickly progressed to being a chartered electrical and electronics engineer. However, throughout this earthly training he was always aware of the greater reality around him, catching glimpses of the worlds of spirit. Over the years, Guy has studied energy and vibrational therapy techniques. Along with his healing abilities, he is able to channel information from spirit and is in constant contact with other entities within our multi-verse as well as his higher self and guides. Have you ever thought about who or what God is or who the co-creators are? Or even, what is beyond God? What if God was indeed finite and that there was a much bigger infinite being, one that created God and the co-creators? In The Origin Speaks the reader is taken beyond the Beyond the Source books to a direct dialogue with the ultimate creator, the all there is, the absolute, The Origin.

Carl Jung – The Wisdom of The Dream (3 Parts)

The first part offers a brief overview of Jung’s life, basic concepts, and work with dreams. The two subsequent parts go directly & more deeply into the ways in which dreams connect us with the unknowable & unfathomable Unconscious. In truth, it uses dreams as the key to entering the palace of Jung’s psychology, which encompasses many rooms indeed.


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