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A paradise for personal and spiritual growth!

March 17, 2024

I was there in December and such a wonderful,unique experience.It was my first time doing Ayahuasca retreat or using any psychedelics in my life so I was very nervous about it but I know I needed it,to get to know myself better and for personal and spiritual growth.Spirit vine center was recommended to me by a friend,did my research,booked it and best decision I made.Ms Silvia created a paradise in the Atlantic Forest,an amazing and safe environment and I enjoyed every minut of it.The moment we were welcomed I felt I am in good hands.My nervousness disappeared,the guidance of Silvia is present from the first until the last moment.Such an inspirational lady,well spoken,always there to listen and give advice.The whole team is great.Surrounded by amazing nature I felt like out of this world for those 10 days,floating in a bubble protected from the outside world. Such a profund,emotional,insightful,meaningful experience.I laughed,I cried, I learned ,I met amazing people,but most importantly I grew emotionally and spiritually.If it’s your first time doing ayahuasca it is definitely the place to be.Warm,safe and trustworthy. If I could I’d give 10 stars. Forever grateful to Silvia and the whole time and I definitely see you again soon. Muchas gracias! 🙏🏻


A Sanctuary of Healing and Growth

February 17, 2024

I attended Spirirt Vine (again) for Jan 2024 retreat.

I am attending Spirit Vine retreats since December 2018.

From the moment I step into this place I feel enveloped in an atmosphere of tranquility and pleseant energy.

Every part of the retreat is designed to ensure participants feel as comfortable and safe as possible.

The ceremonies are conducted with utmost reverence and care, in a safe and supportive environment, allowing for deep exploration and healing to occur.

For me Spirit Vine is where I get relief from emotional pain and reconnect with my true essence.

Every time I leave here I feel renewed, inspired and profoundly grateful for the transformative experience it provided.

Over the years I was lucky to witness people experience profound healing and

transformation in Spirit Vine.

After drinking Ayahusca in three different centers, considering how important the set and setting is when embarking on such a journey, I would not look elsewhere.


My sixth time and cannot wait to return

January 17, 2024

This is my sixth time I have visited spirit vine. It is truly incredible. What happens each time. Just when you think you’ve figured it all out, you find a deeper level of connection. It is so important to be in a place that you feel safe and secure when you’re doing deep inner work. Sylvia and spirit vine provide this safety to allow your inner child to come out and bond with you and I will be back again next year. I know this is a process and I will continue to do the work. Thank you to all the other participants and volunteers that share so much of themselves!

Ed N

I wanted to wait a few weeks before posting a review so that I could integrate the experience a little before doing so.

December 14, 2023

First of all, the location is amazing, the pictures on the website don’t do it justice at all. It’s far bigger than I expected it to be and is so beautiful it’s tough to put into words. Staying at Spirit Vine for 11 days, without the Ayahuasca or workshops, would have been amazing by itself. I still miss lying in the hammock and watching the hummingbirds in the tree next to my bungalow every day.

The ceremonies and workshops themselves are very well thought out. I’ve been through psychotherapy before and the best way I can describe the experience as a whole is it’s like years of therapy condensed into 11 days. The ceremonies were very peaceful and the music really takes you on a journey throughout. The Ayahuasca itself was far gentler than I expected when comparing it to other psychedelics I’ve used, although I think a lot of this can be put down to the very clinical approach that Silvia takes in combining her extensive experience as a psychotherapist along with her work with Shamans in the Amazon. It was far more therapeutic than other psychedelics and I had far more clarity on the lessons it was trying to teach me during and after the ceremonies. The workshops were also incredible and opened my eyes to many things I hadn’t considered previously, giving me a lot to think about during the ceremonies themselves. The guidance from Silvia, Miro, Rick, and Elvis throughout the retreat was amazing. I was lucky enough to have one of the facilitators (Rick) as my room mate, who really helped to guide me through the whole experience and is just all around a great guy.

I could go on and on but I highly recommend Spirt Vine if your intentions are in the right place, and you’re ready to do some inner work. Ayahuasca isn’t for the faint of heart, but I left this place a far more centred and conscious person, and now have a road map for how to approach many things in my life going forward. I will definitely be returning and hopefully sooner rather than later.


This was my 4th retreat I have done with Spirit Vine

November 30, 2023

Main reason I return here is because I feel very safe doing ayahuasca with Silvia. Spirit Vine has such a lovely vibe and it is a beautiful place to be when working on oneself. Doing ayahuasca for me is about working on myself and the things I learn about myself happen so organically here. For someone who is anxious and worried, I find myself letting go far easier when working with ayahuasca. Also what helps are the conversations with Silvia, as she has insights that help me uncover why I do the things I do and go away with skills to help me create the life I want. The retreat participants are told instructions that help create a safe environment for sharing and helping us uncover more about ourselves.

I find myself healing, and learning from each other. This is the best place I have been for living life the way I want. Anyone who stumbles upon this review, I hope I can leave you with a sense of security that this is the place you want to be at when working on your traumas and any personal issues you have.

Thank you to Silvia and people she has working with her to helping create this safe and caring environment. Miro, Rick and Elvis, obrigada. Thank you all, and hope our paths meet again.

Fluid with grace

I just finished my 6th retreat here 4 days ago

November 28, 2023

and the impact of the beauty and miracle of Spirit Vine is still reverberating through my whole mind and body. Never have I felt any “ been there, done that” from the retreats here; I just keep attaining higher levels of gratitude and love and understanding of so many things I previously knew nothing about. Everyone that comes here will tell you about the magnificent Garden-of-Eden-like setting, the delicious food, the roomy bungalows. But it’s the workshops that Silvia puts together, with her decades of experience as a psychotherapist, and her extensive expertise and knowledge of ayahuasca, combined with sacred plant medicine that sets SV apart from the others. Silvia’s love and seemingly boundless insight is the icing on the cake.

Before coming to SV the first time, I did much research on the abundance of retreats around the globe, hoping to sort out and avoid any retreats that may have duplicitous intentions. I feel I’m so very lucky to have found SV. I’m a very different person since coming here, and I’ve seen how SV has helped so many others.

It is also wonderful having Miro there helping out and being so caring and thoughtful.

If you’re looking for a safe place to experience the efficacy and sanctity of plant medicine, this is it.

Surfing the Matrix

This my truly the best experience of my life.

November 3, 2023

If you are looking for growth and a safe space to try ayahuasca, this is the place for you. Coming out of this retreat, I feel like an all new person. My depression is gone, my anxiety is much lower and I feel more calm than ever. It’s not only because of the ayahuasca, but also because of Silvia and the knowledge and tools that she shared during the workshops and group sharing. Silvia is so insightful and inspiring! I would definitely recommend this retreat to anyone who is looking to learn and grow!

Before going to this retreat, I was skeptic about all the 5 stars review, but I assure you that those are all real. There is absolutely no way that you can come out of this experience without it being one of the best experience of your life, believe me!


It’s difficult to know where to begin

October 24, 2023

but i’ll start by saying this trip easily exceeded my expectations in every way, and that’s saying something because they were quite lofty.

The entire experience was beautiful and magical. I am in awe and gratitude at the magnitude of healing I experienced. A little background, I struggled most of my life with addiction. I’ve been in an out of treatment centers for much of my adult life and have had lots of various therapies.

While I understood intellectually, the various reasons for my pathologies, this understanding alone was never enough to bring about true change in my life.

Through the workshops (shadow work, inner child, etc) and ceremonies, I am able to bridge the gap between the mind and the heart and feel certain truths in my being vs just understanding intellectually. This has made a world of difference. I was able to let go of a lot of guilt and shame that I carried around since childhood.For the first time that I can remember, much of my anxiety has lifted and I am excited to live life.

What a beautiful gift!

Last thing I will mention is that the group was in such good hands with Silvia and Miro. Everything is thought out to meticulous detail.

The things that struck me most about Silvia are her passion for her work, sense of humor, but above all how she embodies the ideals she strives to instill within the retreat attendees (ie healing, passion, creativity, etc.)

Someone in the group remarked how the Spirit Vine model should be the future of psychotherapy and I would tend to agree..


If you are thinking about doing an Ayahuasca retreat, make Spirit Vine your first choice and you will not be disappointed.

October 24, 2023

It is the perfect place for first-timers as well as a favourite of many returnees and it was easy for me to see why from the moment I arrived. Silvia’s warm welcome is followed by a continuous loving, nurturing energy which offers as much space or intervention as you require. The organisation and care is executed effortlessly and puts you at ease the entire time. The surrounding nature is spectacular and provides such a serene environment for your stay. There are so many hidden treasures to this experience that are not only about the Ayahuasca. Miro is such a wonderful addition to the spirit vine team, he was always so thoughtful and helpful whilst also providing great banter at meal times. The food is excellent and plentiful, the chef manages to make it feel like a treat even without salt and sugar. Silvia has a wealth of experience and wisdom and I would recommend seeking some one to one time with her to get further clarity on yourself. At Spirit Vine you are never in any doubt that you are safe and cared for and if you are open to it, it can be a life changing experience.


Through and through, this was incredible.

October 24, 2023

I had so many moments of awe for the curated, guided experience that Silvia and her team provide. A cutting-edge mix of group psychotherapy workshops and ayahuasca ceremonies and sharing. This was my first time using the medicine and what could have been scary was beginner-friendly. The lodging and food were excellent, as were the grounds in a beautiful slice of Brazilian rainforest. The photos on the website don’t do it Justice. I had just the breakthrough that I needed after feeling severely depressed and blocked this year. Silvia also curated such a great group of diverse people, I made friends for life and it was easy to be intimate and open up with the group. I couldn’t recommend this highly enough. As I told friends and family after, the retreat made me realize I’d been sleepwalking for 20 years and it woke me up. A big fog has been lifted. Thank you Silvia.


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