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Going to Spirit Vine, you will be in the safe hands of a ‘solid’ team

June 17, 2019

Writing a review for Spirit Vine is a bit tricky as there are so many positive points and I am at loss where to begin… May be by saying that if you are reading this review and considering going to Spirit Vine know that you are doing the right thing and need to look no further. That is, if your interests are into self-growth, self-understanding and self-acceptance!!! Otherwise then may be stay clear! The well thought off workshops carried out before the ceremonies and super well managed by Silvia set the tone for the evening ceremonies. To me these were (although difficult at times) primordial before the taking of the plant. Know that going to Spirit Vine, you will be in the safe hands of a ‘solid’ woman who doesn’t take any non sense and always put you on the right path. As mentioned by others she is very insightful and with her psychotherapy background is able to make sense of what was originally inaccessible and makes it more accessible. Yet, it’s not only Silvia it is TiO too, this combined team work magically, completing one another. I only have praise for their sense of professionalism, care and support. This experience has left me very humbled, grounded and in more acceptance of my self and my inner child. I have learned few tools on how to be kinder to my inner child and can only thanks these 2 wonderful people for their help in that matter. Now there are so much more to be said about their extended team, Noor and their wonderful cook along with all their cleaning stuff. We were so well looked after, on so many different levels. Again as mentioned by other reviewers the food was unbelievable, the bungalows super clean, the set up of the place is like paradise on earth. I wish i could have stayed longer and not come back to full scale reality! I will definitely by back, just hope Silvia and TiO would keep at it for many more years to come! In the mean times I only have praises and thanks.


Silvia's workshops will help you to see and understand what is inaccessible to ordinary perception

June 16, 2019

I‘ve been returning to this place for many years. And every time I am convinced again and again that this experience here at Spirit Vine is the most significant, important and efficient for my development, self-healing, self-understanding. Here I always feel very safe, this allows me to achieve maximum depth and relaxation. Workshops with Silvia are incredibly useful and help to see and understand what is inaccessible to ordinary perception. Her wisdom, experience and insightfulness are so helpful in getting to the heart of an issue. Many thanks and blessings to Silvia, Rohan, Noor and everyone who is involved and makes this experience possible for all of us. I hope to be back again soon.

P.S The food is simply the best! So fresh and clean, delicious! I wish I could cook like this.. Majority of fruits and vegetables grow in organic garden located right on the land. Accommodation conditions are exceptional as well. Very clean and comfortable. You can always find a cozy hammock hidden in nature to spend some time floating in your thoughts. Or swim or sit by the pond surrounded by the jungle. Pure nature bliss magic.


I explored different things about myself and of the world that I never even would have conceived.

June 15, 2019

The team is extremely genuine, both spiritually in tune, while humble to know that they are still many things to learn. She uses multiple psychotherapy techniques, some techniques contradicting previous techniques to open different doors and to view things from different angles. As a result I explored different things about myself and of the world that I never even would have confronted or conceived. What’s more, is that on ayahuasca you listen to frogs and insects chirping and you realize that they’re all part of the ceremony and you connect to this hidden secret world and it seems like everybody is in on it. I think that could be a sign that nature recognizes the retreat as something sacred and with purpose. The lessons you learn are never what you expect or want, since if you come in looking to find something in particular, in some sense haven’t you already found it? A true lesson is when you attain a realization that you previously could not have conceived before then, and I certainly found a goid share of these lessons, despite it not being what I had in mind.


Each element in this retreat is key for the magnificent outcome one receives and accomplishes

May 9, 2019

Hi everyone, I hope that reading my review helps make your decision easier. I’m 44 (well actually turned 44 the last day of the retreat), had never done any psychedelics before so I had been researching for around four years. Looking at places, reading about Ayahuasca, very relaxed, not in any rush, but constant. Always there was something, a bit of fear, the feeling that it was not my time yet, not really resonating with the places I found as options for my first experience. Well, after all that time sometime after new year 2019 I found SpiritVine Retreat. I can honestly say I read every review on this site and I quickly felt and knew this was my place. I attended the April 2019 retreat. Best birthday gift ever. That place runs like a clock and each element is key for the magnificent outcome one receives and accomplishes. It’s a mix of had work and wonderful insights. Sylvia, TiO, I cant thank these wonderful beings enough. Where ever you are in your journey, all I can say is that when you’re ready, this is the place. Come and let Mother Ayahuasca do her magic in this safe, nourishing, beautiful, relaxing spot on earth.


Silvia is intense, highly experienced, and as far as I can tell, genuinely caring

April 30, 2019

Awesome retreat for a first experience! What Silvia has achieved here is inspiring. I would recommend anybody attend this retreat whether new to ayahuasca or already experienced. The area itself is stunning. Otherworldly even. I really appreciated the dynamic between Rohan and Silvia. Together they run a tight ship and make sure everything goes smoothly in terms of your experience. The diet was fun and refreshing. id also advice to stick to the diet before the retreat as well, as to not disrupt your experience. Highlights for me were the psychotherapy, nature journeys, and of course the ceremony. I even felt like the medicine was working with me inter-dimensionally before the retreat. Especially in regards to rage. Highly recommended for inner travelers and those seeking help and guidance on issues related to trauma. Silvia is intense, highly experienced, and as far as I can tell, genuinely caring and enthusiastic when it comes to healing. Worth the trip, and also worth the piece of mind in knowing you are in good hands considering the alternatives out there that may or may not be particularly reputable. As for myself, still processing the event months later. Thanks!

Matthew C

I didn’t expect so much of attention, they have a genuine interest in every participant

April 8, 2019

An absolutely amazing retreat , couldn’t have imagined a better and safer place to do aya for the first time. It is a beautiful place with comfortable bungalows, surrounded by jungle and endless empty beaches. Sylvia is such an amazing woman, together with her facilitator Theo, and I was taken aback by their genuine interest in every participant’s problems. I didn’t expect so much of attention as I thought these kind of places run as business. It was definitely not just a business for Sylvia. Moreover, I was very impressed by other participats as I was worried to be surrounded by hippies , lost souls or heavy drug addicts. Nothing like that- all of the participants were amazing , successful and very interesting people! Food was excellent, too! Even though I was worried to take aya for obvious reasons, I felt completely safe doing it in this place. Aya opened doors for me to a a new life which is never going to be the same and I will definitely come back to this place to continue the experience. I just wish the retreat lasted longer 😉 having participated in other retreat afterwards I can reassure that this one is Top one and will definitely recommend it to whoever needs it.


They seem to know where each soul is at on the journey, giving support and guidance accordingly.

March 26, 2019

I have just come back from the Spirit Vine Ayahuasca Retreat Centre in Brazil. I highly recommend this place for many reasons:

1. Silvia who is a well-connected with Aya medicine shaman as well as a highly conscious psychotherapist is very capable to guide all the participants to reach their highest healing and soul evolution potential. Those workshops she has developed to help each group to understand their soul journey process are especially valuable which you would not get anywhere else.

2. Throughout the retreat, Silvia and her assistant Tio demonstrate very high degree of presence and awareness. They seem to know where each soul is at on the journey, giving support and guidance accordingly.

3. The comfortable accommodation and the healthy and delicious food are no comparison. The entire facility is more like an enchanted paradise.

Personally, I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to heal, to purify, to awaken under Silvia and TiO’s direct guidance. The journey is totally beyond words, you need to experience directly yourself.


Every ceremony Silvia presides over you will be protected and opened to sacred knowledge your soul wants

March 25, 2019

When you arrive at Spirit Vine, you are entering paradise on earth. The grounds are impeccable. As are the bungalows and the ceremony and surrounding buildings. You will receive 5 star vegetarian meals. The maestro of this paradise is ayahuascera Silvia Polivoy, a modern day shaman who embodies having learned from the shamans of South America as well as her own spiritual depth and her knowledge as a psychotherapist. Please trust that every ceremony she presides over you will be protected, opened to sacred knowledge your soul wants you to know, and attended to with the attention you deserve as a seeker of plant wisdom. I cannot recommend Spirit Vine and Silvia and her staff highly enough. Her’s is a divine mission and it shows in everything Spirit Vine offers.


Is it possible to give six stars? 🙂 This retreat was one of the best investments of my life!

March 24, 2019

Is it possible to give six stars? 🙂 This retreat was one of the best investments of my life! If you’re not only interested but committed to reaching higher levels of consciousness, Spirit Vine can definitely help your process.

Silvia, Te0 and the whole team were incredible! The workshops, the ceremonies, the playtime at the beach, at the waterfalls or at the pond were amazing.

It was a wonderful experience. It’s hard work but if you’re really committed to your growing process this place is for you! By the way, I will be back in November of 2019. 😉


I got a whole new perspective, self love, power and tools for me to start living the life that I truly deserve.

March 12, 2019

I’m speechless after this retreat and forever grateful. I’m so glad I decided to have my first journey with ayahuasca at Spirit Vine. This is a hidden paradise in the atlantic jungle – it’s breathtaking how beautiful it is! I felt so safe all the time and I traveled alone all the way from Sweden. Everything is perfectly planned. Yoga, food, rest, massage, painting, workshop, ceremonies, sharing… every single thing meant so much to me. I felt calm and safe all the time and even though the ayahuasca showed me some of my childhood traumas – I was never afraid. Instead I got a whole new perspective, understanding, self love, power and tools for me to start living the life that I truly deserve. All thanks to Spirit Vine – thank you for chancing my life!


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