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It was my second visit to this beautiful retreat center, nestled in the lush jungle near the stunning beaches of Itacaré.

May 13, 2024

Firstly, the location offers breathtaking natural beauty, complemented by the retreat itself and its simple yet effective rules, which enhance the overall experience. I had always sought a blend of spirituality and Western psychotherapy, and this retreat perfectly embodies that fusion. It’s incredibly rewarding to encounter such experiences grounded in psychotherapeutic theory and practice.

Silvia, as the facilitator, generously shares her knowledge not only through workshops but also during mealtimes and throughout the entire retreat. These insights are invaluable for individuals seeking to instigate positive changes in their lives. For those eager to harness their inner strength for self-discovery, healing, and transformation, this retreat is an ideal destination. You’ll emerge as a beacon, guiding your soul’s journey.

Furthermore, the delicious food and rejuvenating yoga sessions are noteworthy. Whether you crave solitude to reflect and journal in your shelter or prefer to socialize and commune with others or nature, the retreat caters to diverse preferences. It offers a beautiful opportunity to reconnect with your authentic self. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone aspiring to cultivate harmony and authenticity in their lives.


The Spirit Vine Retreat Center was amazing in every regard.

May 7, 2024

Silvia has created a paradise, has created an experience like none other. The accomodations were perfect, the food beyond excellent, and entire setting absolutely sublime and perfect for really connecting & finding answers. The depth of exploration of the mind and spirit is compounded with Silvia’s vast knowledge and previous experience. I came looking for answers and I received so much more. Thank you Silvia. I feel so fortunate to have found you. You are making the world better, person by person.

I wanted to write a new review now that I’ve been 4 times to this retreat center. I just couldn’t figure out how to do it, so I’m adding it here:

This was my 4th time coming and each time the insights and understandings are deeper & progressive. The integrative work Silvia does makes this approach unique and transferable into everyday life. The techniques learned can be used at anytime once back home. The food is amazing, and accomdations are perfect each time. Everyone here works together so seemlessly to make the experience magical. It is tranformative in ways I can’t describe.


A great experience in every aspect.

May 7, 2024

Spirit Vine retreat is the best of all worlds as an ayahuasca retreat, being set in the beautiful surrounds of the Atlantic Forest but easily accessible and with all the comforts and professionalism to make one’s experience truly harmonious. Friendly, helpful and professional staff, great healthy food, comfortable lodgings, and attention to every detail make Spirit Vine exceedingly recommendable.

Of note – retreat creator and director Silvia Polivoy not only has decades of experience within the traditional Amazonian shamanic tradition of ayahuasca, but also a PhD and twenty years practicing experience in clinical psychology; a deeply insightful, caring, and gently guiding leader throughout and beyond.

Furthermore, profits from this retreat fund conservation projects to maintain the beautiful and often endangered rainforest of which Silvia is an avid carer and defender.

A beautiful place and experience to which I will return.


Ayahuasca has been one of the most transformative experiences on my healing journey

April 30, 2024

and I’m immensely grateful for trying it for the first time at Spirit Vines. What a beautiful place! The retreat’s deep respect for the Atlantic forest and the tradition of the medicine was evident from the start. I chose Spirit Vines primarily due to its clear ethical principles, which were prominently highlighted on the website and consistently demonstrated throughout the retreat.

Ayahuasca has helped me open doors to discover states of being that I’ve often over-intellectualized. It helped me detach from traumas, unhelpful thought patterns and beliefs that have kept me stuck in a victimizing cycle despite the awareness. Instead the retreat has offered me to find trust again, new perspectives and clarity through a carefully curated structure with ceremonies, workshops and group sharing sessions, not to mention the delicious vegan food adjusted to make sure you get the most valuable experience as possible. The team at Spirit Vines, led by Sylvia, was incredibly professional, supportive, informative, and provided a safe environment.

As mentioned, the incorporation of all essential elements including the space itself (see pictures) and a well-experienced team has created a holistic journey that provided me with such a push, hope, and energy to continue my journey of self-work. It has been such a memorable experience so it’s become a milestone I can revisit when I need to redirect myself during challenging times. I could go on and on about the benefits gained from it, but the domino effect finally falls down to the most profound gifts of all; a deeper appreciation for all life and a reawakening of my intuition.

I’m immensely grateful to Sylvia, Gal, Elvis, and the rest of the team for sharing their knowledge and dedicating so much time and energy to help others. They truly made Spirit Vines a magical place. I’m also thankful for the connections made with other participants on similar journeys. It was truly a blessing to meet you all. Thank you.

I’ll definitely be returning.


From the moment I had the call to work with this wonderful and special medicine Spirit Vine came in the picture many times.

April 24, 2024

I heard about it from a friend/client -which recommended the retreat and especially Silvia’s knowledgeable and empowering approach to the process of healing with the Ayahuasca brew… which by the way is carefully grown and made by her on the premises-, it came in my dreams, I read articles and found out about Silvia and the center via psychedelic and plant medicine’s articles and talks. So I booked and went there ready for this new adventure into my subconscious. The set and setting of the experience is safe, peaceful, smooth and loving, a beautiful calm natural oasis. The support is incredible, in every single aspect… preparation, hospitality, ceremonies, aftercare, integration. I received everything I was looking for and possibly more! Thank you silvia for your knowledge, your service, support, the commitment, the love and for creating an environment where people can truly let themselves be present and go deep into their healing process. The staff that is lovingly involved in the running of the retreat center and all the activities is wonderful. The food is incredible and wholesome, the yoga teacher and the massage offering is awesomely skillful and everything runs so harmoniously. To the point that I decided to stay for 2 retreats in a row. Best decision ever and I am grateful to Silvia for the opportunity and pushing me into finding my voice, my sovereignty and my inner power. I will go back for sure as I know that Ayahuasca is my medicine and my ally. ♥️

nuvola tivoli

This is my third time at spirit vine and there is a reason I keep coming back to this amazing retreat!

April 23, 2024

I came to spirit vine in search of spiritual understanding and to dig deep within myself because I had lots of trauma from my childhood. Silvia who is the person who started and runs spirit vine has created the safest environment to be able to explore deep within ourselves. I really appreciate the structure of this retreat because to be able dig deep inside myself I need to be able to be vulnerable and I feel safe to do that a SV because of the rules and careful attention to detail that Silvia provides. The facilities are very comfortable at SV and it doesn’t matter if you are staying in a 5 person bungalow or sharing a room with one other person, which I’ve experienced both. The food is absolutely fantastic, honestly some of the best vegan food I’ve ever had and the diet is carefully catered to be safe to take with ayahuasca. Silvia also provides workshops to help with the ayahuasca experience, like inner child workshops or understanding trauma workshops all which help with understanding and integrating the ayahuasca experience. I’ve also really appreciated the group sharing post ceremonies where we have a chance to hear other people’s experiences, which also helps with recollecting our own memories. This is an important part of the process and because Silvia puts so much effort into making sure the retreat is the right place for each participant it’s always been easy to feel open to be vulnerable in these settings. I have plans of returning to spirit vine in the future with my brother and I’ve also shared the experience with other family members as well. I highly recommend this retreat to anyone wanting to learn more about themselves and I can honestly say that Silvia is someone who understands the human heart better than anyone I’ve ever met.


have been coming to SV for the past 4 years.

April 15, 2024

This is my 5th retreat. I am amazed to see this place grow and getter better every year. This is the safest environment you can find to go deeper in your personal journey of healing past traumas. The center is magical, the food is vegan, diverse, and really healthy. The team is well trained and prepared to help the participants. Silvia has managed to create something special here. From the land to the workshops and the ceremonies. I definitely would recommend this place to any person wanting to start their Ayahuasca journey.

canela italiana

I wanted to wait a few weeks before posting a review so that I could integrate the experience a little before doing so.

December 14, 2023

First of all, the location is amazing, the pictures on the website don’t do it justice at all. It’s far bigger than I expected it to be and is so beautiful it’s tough to put into words. Staying at Spirit Vine for 11 days, without the Ayahuasca or workshops, would have been amazing by itself. I still miss lying in the hammock and watching the hummingbirds in the tree next to my bungalow every day.

The ceremonies and workshops themselves are very well thought out. I’ve been through psychotherapy before and the best way I can describe the experience as a whole is it’s like years of therapy condensed into 11 days. The ceremonies were very peaceful and the music really takes you on a journey throughout. The Ayahuasca itself was far gentler than I expected when comparing it to other psychedelics I’ve used, although I think a lot of this can be put down to the very clinical approach that Silvia takes in combining her extensive experience as a psychotherapist along with her work with Shamans in the Amazon. It was far more therapeutic than other psychedelics and I had far more clarity on the lessons it was trying to teach me during and after the ceremonies. The workshops were also incredible and opened my eyes to many things I hadn’t considered previously, giving me a lot to think about during the ceremonies themselves. The guidance from Silvia, Miro, Rick, and Elvis throughout the retreat was amazing. I was lucky enough to have one of the facilitators (Rick) as my room mate, who really helped to guide me through the whole experience and is just all around a great guy.

I could go on and on but I highly recommend Spirt Vine if your intentions are in the right place, and you’re ready to do some inner work. Ayahuasca isn’t for the faint of heart, but I left this place a far more centred and conscious person, and now have a road map for how to approach many things in my life going forward. I will definitely be returning and hopefully sooner rather than later.


This was my 4th retreat I have done with Spirit Vine

November 30, 2023

Main reason I return here is because I feel very safe doing ayahuasca with Silvia. Spirit Vine has such a lovely vibe and it is a beautiful place to be when working on oneself. Doing ayahuasca for me is about working on myself and the things I learn about myself happen so organically here. For someone who is anxious and worried, I find myself letting go far easier when working with ayahuasca. Also what helps are the conversations with Silvia, as she has insights that help me uncover why I do the things I do and go away with skills to help me create the life I want. The retreat participants are told instructions that help create a safe environment for sharing and helping us uncover more about ourselves.

I find myself healing, and learning from each other. This is the best place I have been for living life the way I want. Anyone who stumbles upon this review, I hope I can leave you with a sense of security that this is the place you want to be at when working on your traumas and any personal issues you have.

Thank you to Silvia and people she has working with her to helping create this safe and caring environment. Miro, Rick and Elvis, obrigada. Thank you all, and hope our paths meet again.

Fluid with grace

I just finished my 6th retreat here 4 days ago

November 28, 2023

and the impact of the beauty and miracle of Spirit Vine is still reverberating through my whole mind and body. Never have I felt any “ been there, done that” from the retreats here; I just keep attaining higher levels of gratitude and love and understanding of so many things I previously knew nothing about. Everyone that comes here will tell you about the magnificent Garden-of-Eden-like setting, the delicious food, the roomy bungalows. But it’s the workshops that Silvia puts together, with her decades of experience as a psychotherapist, and her extensive expertise and knowledge of ayahuasca, combined with sacred plant medicine that sets SV apart from the others. Silvia’s love and seemingly boundless insight is the icing on the cake.

Before coming to SV the first time, I did much research on the abundance of retreats around the globe, hoping to sort out and avoid any retreats that may have duplicitous intentions. I feel I’m so very lucky to have found SV. I’m a very different person since coming here, and I’ve seen how SV has helped so many others.

It is also wonderful having Miro there helping out and being so caring and thoughtful.

If you’re looking for a safe place to experience the efficacy and sanctity of plant medicine, this is it.

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