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Don’t waste time, book SPIRITVINE

Rated 5 out of 5
February 22, 2023

If you’re reading this, you’ve seen the website. You’ve had the calling and.. believe the 5 star reviews; I was suspicious of them but once you step foot on the retreat,even before you do so,you understand why they are 5 star rated. Beautiful bungalows in an Atlantic forest setting. A serene oasis and sanctuary, the perfect setting for this kind of retreat. Silvia’s seemingly infinite knowledge of all things, enables you to let go, feeling very safe whilst you fully immerse yourself. Her workshops are invaluable and enormously helpful when integrated into the ceremonies. You work at your own pace,everyone is different, yet you are there with like-minded people. The sharing circles too were eye opening both for my own experiences and truly humbling to listen to fellow participants. I opted for 11 days and I watched people transform into their true authentic selves literally hour by hour, quite astonishing. Ti0 too.. a Saintly Guardian, who seems to be in all places all at once. He was there whatever your need and whenever you needed him. They both have a refreshing sense of humour too which for me was essential when doing such deep work. I loved the opportunity to do Art which is not obligatory. Gentle yoga and fantastic massages are a bonus. The food was on another level,given the fact no salt is used, three meals a day, the variety was great and most if not all of the food was from the surrounding land. The chef is phenomenal. There is a gentle Western approach, yet you are ensconced in the perfect environment. Whether you partake in the plant medicine or not, I cannot recommend this place highly enough for a truly transformational retreat. I would also take heed of their advice and not travel home for at least a week if your work permits. I’ve given 10 stars because 5 aren’t enough.



Life-changing Experience

Rated 5 out of 5
February 19, 2023

My experience at Spirit Vine was truly life-changing. The owner/primary facilitator, Silvia, skillfully and compassionately guides participants throughout the retreat. Silvia uses her clinical expertise masterfully to assist each individual to optimize their Ayahuasca experiences, enabling them to successfully move forward on their healing paths. Her workshops supply valuable strategies to utilize during ceremonies and in the integration process. In addition, the retreat structure fosters group bonding and cohesiveness. The other facilitator, Tio, provides calm, gentle care and direction, that allows participants to feel safe and understood. The Spirit Vine setting is breathtaking and serene. The lodging is immaculate and comfortable. Staying there felt magical. I am forever grateful to Silvia for creating Spirit Vine and her work with Ayahuasca, which has transformed me to finally be on the road to recovery.


This place is everything I hoped for

Rated 5 out of 5
February 15, 2023

I did the 11 days, 5 ceremonies reteat in January 23. This is my first Ayahuasca experience and it was unbelievable! Everything in this facility was absolutely amazing. Silvia and Ti0 are very experienced, super professional, compassionate, present and wonderful human beings. They are the reason this retreat was so powerful for me. They are providing a safe space for you to just be who you are, the workshops are very practical and helpful for life (not only for the retreat) and they are available for any question or guidance that arises through the retreat.

The place is astonishing! In a quiet piece of jungel with a beautiful pond and great bungalow facilities.

The food is prepared with a lot of love and diversity, natural and healthy.

The Ayahuasca is grown and prepared in-house and is very loving and pure. There ceremonies during the day, that for me was the most powerful journeys and are magical!

This place is everything I hoped for and I can’t express my gratitude in words.


I can’t rate it high enough.

Rated 5 out of 5
February 12, 2023

This is my second ayahuasca retreat, after my first being in Peru. Spirit vine is one for the books. It is nothing short of phenomenal. The moment I arrived I felt I had been saved from the harshness of reality. The garden that Silvia has built is an oasis of serenity. She’s created an environment that is most opportune for spiritual growth. It’s not just the ayahuasca, which I will get to. It’s the energy, the surrounding nature, and the sincere care Silvia has for the people who come to live better that make this place special.

Staff is kind and loving. Ti0, charming and hilarious, goes above and beyond to ensure safety and comfort. And Silvia, is one of the most profound individuals you will meet. Within her, insight and wisdom are abundant. And she is more than happy to take time to share and discuss as helping people is her passion. She also uses her expertise in psychology, psycho analysis and therapy, to name a few areas, to help us apply the teachings of ayahuasca in a methodical AND spiritual way. By providing specific tools and exercises to help identify the things that prevent us from reaching our highest selves, we were able to overcome and come out well improved by the end of the retreat. And I personally was able to integrate into society effectively and with more confidence. I came to heal but this time with emphasis on character and career insight- how to achieving the highest version of myself and what kind of life it would mean moving forward. With spirit vine, I found so much more than what I was looking for and left spiritually complete.

Spirit vine is special from its location, the year round perfect weather, the staff and the gifts Silvia provides. Everything about spirit vine is intentional and there to give you a safe space to find restoration. I cannot rate Spirit vine high enough. Before the retreat I was wondering how spirit vine could accumulate thousands of perfect reviews. When you arrive you’ll know exactly how 🙂

– Austin Yarbrough

Austin Yarbrough

There is a reason everyone rates it 5-star

Rated 5 out of 5
February 9, 2023

I know I know. How can everyone rate this place as a 5? But it is. The environment is inclusive of everyone and you feel so incredibly safe and heard. The food while incredibly healthy and if your vegan will rock your world but I did miss some flavor! However I can’t praise Sylvia and TiO enough. Coming from someone that has never used drugs this was a huge leap of faith. I do wish I had taken a few days after to just relax in town a bit longer. Coming back to the “world” was a bit tough and jarring. Enjoy


Professional Retreat to work on yourself

Rated 5 out of 5
February 4, 2023

At first, I was sceptic about of the reviews I have seen about this place, but I can only confirm what everyone is saying. Sylvia and Ti0 have created a perfect environment to deal with your psychological problems, if you are willing to put in the work. I have always felt cared and respected, which is very important because you have to open up and be vulnerable with yourself. Everything was well organized and fitted especially to the needs of western people that are looking for a combination of spirituality and therapy. I have learned a lot about myself and know what to do for the next years, I could not have never asked for more.

Jan Derksen


Rated 5 out of 5
January 28, 2023

The depth of the transformation and healing I experienced during and after the retreat would not have been possible without the insightful and personalised guidance provided by Ti0 and Silvia. The place was magical. I particularly appreciated the solid frame in place at the retreat center (i.e. rules), which made me feel safe at all times and made it easy to fully surrender to the process. It was my first experience with Ayahuasca and I couldn’t have wished for a better setting and better facilitators. I will certainly return and recommend this place wholeheartedly.

Emilia Z

Silva and Tio are amazing at what they do…

Rated 5 out of 5
January 27, 2023

Silva an Tio are amazing at what they do. Providing a safe environment with boundaries to ensure a healthy experience for everyone coming to the retreat. The food is amazing the people are amazing. On my retreat I healed my inner child and for the first time in my entire life my brain switched from being in survival mode my entire life to being free and feeling safe in my own mind an in the world around me. I am truly free for the first time in my entire life to live an have fun an experience the world as a happy healed person.

Tyler Tritipo

This place felt like a paradise

Rated 5 out of 5
January 26, 2023

This place felt like a paradise. The food, the staff and the facilitators where a 10/10. I would recommend this place for people with little to none experience with ayahuasca as well for people with more experience. The workshops in combination with the medicine where very powerful.


Amazing experience

Rated 5 out of 5
January 23, 2023

I was part of Silvia’s retreat the past November. I wanted to wait some months after the experience to have a more complete view on how my days there impacted my life. Now, two months in, I can confirm that there has been a before and after on my perception of life.

In my case, it wasn’t just Ayahuasca but the entire experience of the retreat that had an impact on me. Ayahuasca was definitely an out of this world experience, profound, enlightening and positively uncomfortable. However, the key for me were all the pieces that Silvia has put together in Spirit Vine: workshops, ceremonies, integration sessions, individual therapy, art, yoga, delicious food, amazing people, and a place that looks like paradise and feels like home.

I have never felt so connected to myself like the 9 days I spend there. I already started changing while being there, but for me the real transformation happened when being back to the “real world”. Then is when I became more aware and started to take action to direct my life up to my expectations and desires.

Overall, I would recommend Spirit Vine to anyone that wants to dig deeper and open new doors that you didn’t even know that were there. I will always be grateful to Silvia and Ti0 for preparing and guiding us through this amazing experience. I’m looking forward to see you again!


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We don’t require covid tests or any type of vaccination certificates to participate in the retreats. If you opt to take the Covid vaccine, we require that vaccination must be done at least 2 months prior to drinking ayahuasca. This is for the safety of participants to make sure the vaccine doesn’t have any reaction with the ingestion of ayahuasca.