Ayahuasca Awareness Program Entries

The Ayahuasca Awareness Program is an initiative by the Spirit Vine Center in Bahia, Brazil. The program aims to help increase awareness of the potential of ayahuasca by sponsoring free ayahuasca retreats every month for up to 2 people who feel the call for spiritual development with ayahuasca and other methods. Our retreats are spiritually focused, we teach techniques to increase awareness, reconnect with the higher self, and to unblock our resources by transforming obsolete patterns of behavior that are no longer productive.

As part of the program, each participant is required to submit an article or video about ayahuasca, consciousness, meditation, spirituality, health, organic living or any other relevant topic. These articles and videos will be published on our website and all entries can be found on this page. To make this process fair and open, we will select the applicants whose entry receives the most social media interaction. The list will be updated regularly and we will announce the selected applicants in our monthly newsletter. Through this process we also aim to increase social awareness about ayahuasca and spirituality, so please share these pages with your circles.


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