Workshop for Breaking Soul Ties

Painting - Soul tie
Art by Alex Gross

A soul tie is a spiritual connection with another being (alive or dead). It is a deep emotional bond, sometimes an unconscious bond. The other person may not be present or alive but the power of the bond remains.

There are conscious and unconscious soul ties.

Examples of conscious soul ties are:

When we break up  with a boyfriend or divorce,  we are still attached to that person because we still love this person, or because we hate this person, resentment, jealousy result in the false believe that the person is  nothing without their old partner  or guilt because they are not enough for them.  A broken heart is a metaphor that illustrates  this type of soul tie.

Another example of a conscious soul tie is with an ex business partner because this person stole  or took advantage of you or they made you lose money. The result of this soul tie is obsessing thoughts about this person and situations. It can become an addictive loop and  project our problems without taking responsibility of how or why this has to happen.

Or when somebody dies and we don’t want to let their soul go for different reasons, love, guilt, PTSD.

Unconscious soul tie:

For example we witness a car accident and somebody that we didn’t know dies in the accident and the impact of the tragedy,  fear or a shock will produce  a fragment of our  soul to break and jump outside of our body. This fragment can go on to the person who died and because now we have a hole in our aura a fragment of the soul of this person can enter in this hole. Or another witness of this accident also lost a piece of his/her soul in the moment of the accident and will go to someone there or stay in the place.

Another example,  a 7- year old child riding a bicycle, this child has an accident and falls down the bicycle and breaks an arm. This child is in shock, the ambulance comes and the mother of this child also is in shock and screaming. There is blood and then in the hospital there are  lots of soul fragments of people in shock or dying. As a result, the child will lose a fragment of his/her soul and also the mother.

In the aura’s hole can enter the lost fragments of the child or the mother or the fragment of somebody dying in the hospital. So the child and the mother may leave the hospital carrying a soul fragment that doesn’t belong to them.

Another example is a child whose  parents fight between themselves very often, screaming and sometimes physical violence. This causes PTSD in the child and also it can result in them carrying  a piece of the soul of their mother or father.

Or the child was bullied in the school and as a result of the shame and powerless feelings they lose a fragment of their soul. They may carry a fragment of the bully. This child is taking their  enemy inside forever or till they become aware of who is inside of them  and remove it.

Sometimes a soul fragment is hidden in an illness or a symptom, for example back pain or migraines or insomnia, stomach aches, sexual problems, etc.

Even past life soul ties, for example in another life we were a soldier in a war; we killed an enemy producing PTSD and the fragmentation of the soul of the person who died and the fragmentation of the soul of the soldier. The consequence of this soul tie can persist for many generations.

A generational soul tie, for example the grandmother of my grandmother was a victim of sexual slavery, this soul fragmentation will enter in another or several women of the family, sometimes in all women of that family producing a variety of symptoms like resentment to men, sexual dysfunctions, phobias, control issues, depression, etc.

Or the death of a grandfather in our childhood, who the child loved very much, a fragment of the soul of the child went with his grandfather or a fragment of the grandfather in the child till today. The grandfather after dying thinks:  I cannot die and abandon my grandson” so he can become  earthbound because he wants to protect the grandchild.

Sometimes a contract we did in a past life where we gave our power to another person or to a cult can be a commitment we created in another dimension and we are not aware of. But consciously or unconsciously we did a contract and the only way to be free of this harassment is to bring this contract to light and work on this issue. I also teach a workshop about “Spiritual Contracts, why and how to reclaim our sovereignty.”

All of these lost fragments create a variety of symptoms like obsessing with a person, carrying the addictions or programs of the other person, hearing  voices, depending on the degree of the soul tie. A high degree can produce intrusive thoughts like irrational fears, or compulsions. Loops are difficult to eradicate especially if we don’t know the nature and the causes.

I have been teaching this workshop in groups, during my practice in psychotherapy and later during each retreat at Spirit Vine Center in Brazil. Most of the participants had powerful insights. They asked me to write about these workshops because of the powerful results.

Spirit vine retreat participants

How to be free of undesired soul ties in twelve steps

In this workshop I teach techniques to overcome soul ties in 12 steps. But the key of this workshop is in the light trance making accessible to our awareness the information about the root of the soul tie. We need to know when this bond started, in this life, in parallel life, in another dimension, in our childhood or with ancestors.

Author: Silvia Polivoy, Co-founder and facilitator at Spirit Vine

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