Ayahuasca Integration and Spiritual Counseling

Silvia Polivoy has integrated a variety of techniques, including “claircognizance” – when the higher self or spirit guides ‘put’ information (in the form of thought) into her mind. It can be a gut feeling or a whole body of information that is ‘downloaded’ into the mind or it can be in the form of smaller insights about people and situations here and there.

spiritual practices with ayahuasca

She works predominantly in the realms of inner child core blockage transmutation, soul retrieval, past life regressionsspirit releasement, dream work and reconnection with our inner power.

Although her background is in Clinical Psychotherapy, she no longer offers this service. Her work now is spiritual in nature.

If you are a former participant of our Ayahuasca retreatsyou can book a personal online spiritual counseling session with Silvia.

To book a private consultation in English, Spanish or Portuguese, please send an email to Silvia.

Ayahuasca Integration and Group Sharing

The day after the spiritual workshops and each ayahuasca ceremony, we gather to share our main insights with the group. We create a safe, non-judgmental space where people feel comfortable to openly talk about their feelings. The group dynamic is very powerful because the group represents a small world where each person has a unique background.

Many times listening to another participant sharing their story helps to remember a personal experience realizing how we are all connected in unexpected ways. One of the most important benefits of group sharing is to work in our unconscious projections and archetypes. Many times a group member may represent a family member creating an opportunity to realize that the person is only a mirror of our own shadow.

You can see videos and testimonials of people expressing how they felt and what they learned during the group sharing and the workshops.

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