The Spirit Vine Ayahuasca Diet

We recommend to follow a healthy lifestyle everyday but during the Ayahuasca retreats we have additional restrictions such as no salt, sugar, strong spices, or fermented foods… Using the latest research on nutrition and balanced diets, we follow a special ayahuasca diet during our retreats that is optimized for the ceremonies, including tasty vegan, gluten-free, GMO-free options. The dietary recommendations include a period of time before and after the retreats.

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The Spirit Vine Ayahuasca Diet

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The delicious meals served are prepared by our cooks using fresh and organic produce from our center and surrounding areas where possible. The fresh water well in the center provides us pure drinking water free of fluoride and other additives. Other options include organic coconut water from our land, fresh lemonade and fruit juices, and a variety of teas.

We provide a balanced vegetarian diet with gluten free and vegan options, without sugar, salt, meat or alcohol.

  • Salt free and delicious – while the food is salt-free, we use herbs and spices to make delicious meals every day.
  • Dairy replacements – such as spreads and milk made with cashew nuts, cassava, almond.
  • Sugar replacements – Stevia.
  • Fresh local produce from the center’s own garden – where possible, the fruits and vegetables which visitors eat are grown in the center’s grounds and sourced from local organic farms.
  • Homemade bread and cakes – prepared fresh daily: dairy-free, gluten-free, yeast-free and egg-free.
  • Fresh water from the center’s well – pure and free from any additives.
  • Fresh fruit juices – fresh coconut water from our land, lemons and other low glycemic fruit grown on the center’s land.
  • Local delicacies – Our chefs also prepare local foods from the region which are highly appreciated by our participants.

Most people feel healthier after an ayahuasca diet, some people even lose weight although this is not our focus, nor a guaranteed outcome.

If you are unfamiliar with vegan cooking with herbs and spices, there are numerous recipes and cookbooks available online to help you get started. This is also a very good way to connect with yourself and your body. Click the button below for more information about preparing for the retreat.

Ayahuasca diet after the ceremony – and beyond

Even after your retreat is finished, it’s not a good idea to go straight back to your regular diet – especially if it contains a large number of processed foods and other things not prescribed by the dieta. We reintroduce salt on the last day of the retreat before people go to the city because the salt helps to protect and ground.

It’s generally suggested that you continue your ayahuasca diet for at least 1 week after your retreat. Or, why not consider whether you really need to go back at all?

The cleansing which your body will experience may show you how much cleaner it is possible to feel by not having certain foods as part of your lifestyle.

Many times our dietary habits are governed by unprocessed emotional and mental baggage. Working through your issues and developing yourself spiritually may lead to the realization that you no longer need to consume certain items ever again.

Why do an ayahuasca diet?

When you interact with ayahuasca, you may notice that what you eat and drink and the lifestyle choices you make will greatly affect the value you get from your ayahuasca experience. Not only that, these choices have an unimaginable effect on the way we feel, think and act every day, all the time. So tuning your diet to your purpose and goals in life is simply the best gift you can give yourself. Finally, the “cleaner” you are, the easier it is to get the full benefits of what the plant has to communicate to you.

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