3 or 5 Day Ayahuasca Retreats

Many people contact us requesting only a few ayahuasca ceremonies because they don’t have time for a whole retreat which is 9 days or 11 days. We only offer the full retreat program rather than 1 or 2 ceremonies, or shorter 3 or 5 day ayahuasca retreats. In our opinion the most important aspect is the right set and setting, not just drinking ayahuasca.

We provide a proper diet and special workshops where we teach techniques to help people use their own resources to understand and transmute whatever they need to face without fear.

Sometimes people may not feel anything in the first ceremony or they may feel overwhelmed just because they are not used to this energy. Most of the participants don’t have prior experience with ayahuasca and they need to learn how to navigate. We receive participants from all over the world, many of them for the first time. There is no way to know the sensitivity of each person before the first ayahuasca ceremony that’s why we need to start with a low dose till we reach the right dose for each person.

We grow our own ayahuasca plants in a completely organic manner. Our brew is made in the traditional way only with the leaves of chakruna and the vine mariri, psychotria viridis and banisteriopsis caapi. We do not use additives, only pure organic ayahuasca. Our ayahuasca has a very high vibration and it is very powerful, so we don’t see the need for additives that can be dangerous for some people. Pure ayahuasca when prepared well and done in the right set and setting, along with diet and discipline, is completely safe and very powerful. This is why we prefer to be cautious and go slowly, preventing overdoses and making sure each person can enter the journey feeling safe, comfortable and protected. When the person finds the right dose, usually during the first or second ceremony, they can go as deep as they desire, getting insights and have a powerful transforming experience every time.

During the day we facilitate workshops where participants learn techniques to reconnect with their own power in order to come to the ayahuasca ceremonies more prepared. The workshops are designed to break the ice between participants, and to create a sense of trust in each other. Our skilled facilitators and workshops will have you prepared for ayahuasca in a safe and serene setting.

To have a productive experience you need to do the proper diet, to find out the right dose and work in the integration and understanding of the ayahuasca experience.

In order to maximize the ayahuasca experience people need a minimum of 4 ceremonies, with one day in between to rest and integrate information, to work deep in their intentions. 

For those who have a little more time we also have a 11 day retreat with 5 ceremonies, where the last ayahuasca ceremony is during the day with the intention to connect with nature. At this stage of the retreat participants are very clean, more sensitive and more experienced, so it is easier to be subtle and learn from nature.

For all these reasons we don’t offer only ceremonies or short retreats, to be sure everybody has a productive and safe experience, no matter if they have previous experiences or not. 

We don’t provide recreational experiences, we know that only taking a few ceremonies people will waste their time, it is important to take the time to do a proper job, no rush, allowing time to download the information. If you don’t  have enough time is better not to do it till you have.

Through our experience over the last 23 years, we have designed an optimal retreat for participants to have a deep connection with this plant teacher.

Visitors from around the globe have returned from our retreats with a profound sense of spiritual development. We invite you to read the experiences of past visitors on our ayahuasca retreat reviews page and learn more about the ayahuasca vine.

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