Our Ayahuasca Retreat

Our Ayahuasca Retreat

TheVine Center is “The ayahuasca house”, created to host spiritual ayahuasca retreats. Every month we receive people from all over the world who felt the call of the jungle to meet other like-minded individuals interested in reconnecting with the higher self and spiritual development. Depending in which retreat you apply we offer different types of workshops with a variety of techniques like meditations, regressions, art, yoga, and ayahuasca ceremonies.

Your Personal Ayahuasca Experience Includes

Ayahuasca Ceremonies

The ayahuasca ceremony is a powerful spiritual experience that opens the participant to a greater awareness of the essence of ...

Retreat Calendar & Prices

Our retreats vary in length and content and each retreat is rich with activities to open and inspire the senses. We welcome all levels...

Spiritual Workshops

In our retreats we provide a full program of workshops and activities to complement and enhance the spiritual experience...

Meditation, Yoga & Art

Meditation training may help to create a mental space for the new visions and insights to sit more comfortably until the mind has time to...

The Spirit Vine Diet

During all our programs we follow a special diet that is optimized for the ingestion of ayahuasca. The Spirit Vine dietary recommendations ...

Spiritual Counseling

If you are a former participant of our retreats, you can book a personal spiritual counseling session with Silvia conducted via Skype ...

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Upcoming Retreats

  • May  22 — May 30
  • Jul  3 — Jul 13
  • Aug  15 — Aug 23
  • Oct  13 — Oct 21
  • Nov  20 — Nov 30

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