Recommended Books September 2016

Spirit Vine Recommended Books, September 2016

Transcendent Mind: Rethinking the Science of Consciousness by Imants Baruss Everyone knows that consciousness resides in the brain. Or does it? In this book, Imants Barušs and Julia Mossbridge utilize findings from quantum mechanics, special relativity, philosophy, and paranormal psychology to build a rigorous, scientific investigation into the origins and nature of human consciousness. Along the way, they examine the scientific …

Inhibiting Platelet Activation with Tomato Seeds

Spirit Vine September 2016

The yellow fluid around tomato seeds appears to suppress platelet activation without affecting blood clotting. This anti-inflammatory effect may explain why eating tomato products is associated with lower cardiac mortality. Author: Michael Greger, M.D. Source:

Quantum State After Death

Spirit Vine September 2016

Does quantum mechanics predict the existence of a spiritual “soul”? Testimonials from prominent physics researchers from institutions such as Cambridge University, Princeton University, and the Max Planck Institute for Physics in Munich claim that quantum mechanics predicts some version of “life after death.” They assert that a person may possess a body-soul duality that is an extension of the wave-particle …

Did Quantum Physics come from the Vedas?

Spirit Vine September 2016

The convergence of Spirituality and Science Quantum physics explains the nature and behaviour of matter and energy on the atomic and subatomic level, and began with a number of different scientific discoveries from the the 1838 discovery of cathode rays, to the quantum hypothesis and photoelectric effect. The term quantum mechanics was coined in the early 1920’s by a group of physicists …