Recommended Videos November 2017

Spirit Vine November 2017, Recommended Videos

What About Me? A documentary about the plight of human suffering caused by the ego. Artists from around the world perform in harmony with words from such enlightened people such as Ram Das, Eckhart Tolle, Noam Chomsky, Deepak Chopra and many others. Narcissistic vs Borderline Personality Disorder

Depression may be Caused by Inflammation in the Body

Spirit Vine November 2017

Depression is a scary, dark, and seemingly uncontrollable beast many of us have experienced in our lifetimes. Some of us have even found the length and depth of our depression to be so overwhelming we seek medical advice that often leads to prescription pills. Prescription pills have their downfalls, however, including side effects like weight gain, loss of libido, and, …

How Do Children Become Narcissists?

Spirit Vine November 2017

I am often asked “What type of parenting leads children to grow up with a Narcissistic Personality Disorder?”  Or “Are the children of Narcissistic parents at risk of becoming Narcissists themselves?”  I thought that I would use today’s post to shed some light on this issue. How Does Someone “Get” a Narcissistic Personality Disorder? Narcissistic Personality Disorders are a byproduct of certain childhood family environments. All children want their …

Recommended Books November 2017

Spirit Vine November 2017, Recommended Books

Present Perfect  A Mindfulness Approach to Letting Go of Perfectionism and the Need for Control by Pavel G Somov While there’s no doubt that setting high standards for yourself is a good thing, you’ve probably already noticed that perfectionism can come at a high price. And when you take steps to try to change, it’s easy to be too hard …