Recommended Videos January 2020

ti0 January 2020, Recommended Videos

Ayahuasca retreat testimonial: Choosing Spirit Vine Two-part video of participants from our august group sharing the reasons they chose to come to Spirit Vine and the important insights during the retreat… ‘The Game Changers’ Film exclusive interview

Brain found in heart neurons and the gut

ti0 January 2020

Case Studies Surrounding Heart Intelligence Amazing new discoveries have revealed that the heart organ is intelligent. Sometimes our heart can lead the brain both in our interpretation of the external world as well as in the actions we chose to take. A large number of case studies was enough to prompt scientists to examine the heart with a different lens. They began …

Recommended Books January 2020

ti0 January 2020, Recommended Books

Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable by Seth Godin You’re either a Purple Cow or you’re not. You’re either remarkable or invisible. Make your choice. What do Apple, Starbucks, Dyson and Pret a Manger have in common? How do they achieve spectacular growth, leaving behind former tried-and-true brands to gasp their last? The old checklist of P’s used …