What Is Sacred Geometry?

What is sacred geometry? It can be understood as a recognition of pattern – a complex system of symbols and structures relating to space, time, and form. Viewing these basic patterns of existence is perceived as sacred.

Sacred geometry is so important as it represents the inner human focus that needs to be held onto during a lifetime on Earth. It plays an important role in everyday life such as mathematics and engineering. Universal patterns are used in the entire design of reality, and harmonics and proportion are also found in music, light, and cosmology.

By studying the nature of sacred geometry symbols and meanings connections may be made to encompass religious, philosophical, and spiritual beliefs. Everything created, ingested, interacted with, and more, is inspired by sacred geometry.

Sacred geometry meanings will be explained in more detail here…

Common Shapes in Sacred Geometry

How to draw sacred geometry can be simplistically explained when you understand that most basic geometric shapes can be determined from a circle. You can draw a circle by using a compass. Within the circle, you can add an equilateral triangle, a hexagon, pentagon, and square – key starting blocks from which sacred geometry was applied to life.

Numbers ultimately inform how a shape will look – with every number having the ability to divide and subdivide – this Golden Mean law represents infinity. Sacred geometry in nature can be perceived as a single organism once fertilised dividing and subdividing, resulting in a human baby. Every living thing is organised by the principle of the Golden Mean.

The world is believed to be a combination of five sacred shapes known as the Platonic Solids and named after the ancient Greek philosopher Plato. Plato believed that each of these shapes corresponds to one of the elements, as shown below:

  • Tetrahedron – fire
  • Hexahedron – earth
  • Octahedron – air
  • Icosahedron – water
  • Dodecahedron – ether

Platonic Solids in Depth

Everything in the world can be traced to the building blocks known as the Platonic Solids, whether it be DNA and cell structure, flowers, trees, art, and music. Sacred spaces are also built using these patterns such as temples and mosques. There is also a belief that these shapes have the power to open communication channels to where everything came from – the Source.

Take a look at the five sacred shapes in more detail:


This three-dimensional shape is a symbol of balance and stability resonating from each flat side. It represents the element of fire – creating a natural balance between the physical and the spiritual and corresponds with the Solar Plexus Chakra.


This cube is a symbol of grounding energy and focus – connecting to Earth and nature firmly rooting wherever it’s planted. This three-dimensional shape corresponds to the Root Chakra.


This self-reflecting shape is represented by the element of air. Through this shape, the spiritual nature of self can be attained – linked to the Heart Chakra which is the centre for compassion and love.


This symbol is associated with the element of water and corresponds to the Sacral Chakra. It encourages creativity and expression – and to remove emotional blockages that can hold us back.


The dodecahedron is associated with the element of ether or spirit and corresponds to the higher Chakras of the Third Eye and the Crown. It is a reminder of abilities to go beyond the physical body to reconnect with a higher resonance of true nature.

Other Universal Sacred Shapes


The sphere is an expression of integrity, equality, unity, and completeness – and is the most profound and sacred symbol containing all the wisdom of creation. It’s a reminder that everything fits together in perfect proportions and opens the portal to all of nature’s workings.

Flower of Life

Evenly spaced overlapping circles with hexagon-like symmetry embodies Life Force Energy or Chi – and the lifeblood that flows through us. This common repeating pattern represents the very thread of our being reaching across planes and dimensions, and is used throughout the world.


This powerful symbol – a combination of two-star tetrahedrons with one pointing up to the heavens and the other pointing down to Earth channelling energy up and drawing energy down. When broken down, the word means light, spirit, and body and is believed to be a vehicle used by ascended masters to connect and transcend to the Higher Realms.

The Earliest Sacred Geometry

Sacred geometry was understood and used by ancient Master Builders who constructed structures such as pyramids and temples in ancient Egypt. This geometry continued to be engaged throughout the following centuries finding expression in Rome, Greece, Central and South America over 4000 years ago.

3000 years later the Gothic era of cathedral building continued through the 12th to the 14th century from where modern masons learned their trade. It became apparent that geometry was intrinsic to nature itself, both cosmic and biological, and that it was also the basis of the atomic and molecular levels of creation.
For centuries the conception of the universe has been held as the material expression of hidden reality, and that at the heart of sacred geometry is the idea that the Source was able to frame the template of creation. Geometry then became the key to visible fundamental relations manifested through pattern and number that formed the very basis of accord.

Geometry played a huge part in opening secrets and mysteries of nature to mankind relating to the fundamental harmonies of creation. And when understood and used in the right context it may become a force for establishing greater harmony around the world.

Engage with Sacred Geometry

How to use sacred geometry is to be aware that all of nature is geometric. Sacred geometry is a reminder of the deep interconnection between everything in the universe and beyond. And that everything comes from and returns to the same Source. Engaging with sacred geometry allows exploration of spirit – deepening your connection with life itself.

Not everybody has visions during ayahuasca ceremonies but most of the people report that ayahuasca visions are full of kaleidoscopic shapes, sacred geometric shape shifting and changing colors, normally neon and powerful lights, shapes that become beings or machine elves. We can enter in these shapes and go through them like portals to other dimensions. Every vision brings an insight, a memory, a feeling, a lesson. Lots of work to understand and integrate this unusual information. In our Center we understand the importance of downloading our understanding of all these mysteries into something practical. Only when we understand one lesson can we go to the next one. At the Spirit Vine Center it is a priority to create a strong structure where every participant feels safe in order to fully allow the ayahuasca experience.

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