What is past life regression

What is past life regression and how does it work?

Was that feeling just a little déjà vu? Or was it something more?
Today we will share some information about one of our most successful workshops – Past life regression.

What is past life regression?

Many people that come for our retreats don’t believe in past lives, reincarnation, karma, or soul. Taking this into consideration, our method in our past life regression workshop is to ask participants to suspend their rational judgment and do the exercise as if they are playing a game. We do not ask participants to believe in anything. Rather, we see this as an adventure into our unconscious. So the best approach is to let go, flow freely and allow the information to come to the surface. After that we interpret the information in the context of our present life.

What are the goals of learning about your past lives?

During our workshops, we regularly observe the information people share after the exercise affects their relationships, their career goals, and can even reveal the source of some of their deepest fears. By becoming conscious of this, whether it was a past life, parallel life, or just a metaphorical dream, we can transform our present life without requiring any change in our belief systems…

Most people will undertake past life regression therapy as part of a spiritual experience. Or, occasionally, as part of a course of psychotherapy they are undergoing. Though it must be pointed out here that most therapists suggest that recovered memories may be confabulated (in effect, caused by the mind deceiving itself by misinterpreting actual memories) or delusions. Equally, most religions which include a belief in reincarnation do not incorporate any suggestion that repressed memories from previous lives have an effect on an individual in their current one.

Despite this, many people who experience past life regression share some common outcomes:

  • It is healing and can help them to feel complete
  • Can be used to identify the causes of physical ailments
  • Can identify the roots of emotional issues or behavioral patterns
  • Helps you resolve questions about your current life – your goals, desires, purpose or even fears

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