What is negative energy? How to get rid of bad energy in a person?

Negative energy is a force coming from the inside or the outside and it is causing pain, stress, draining energy, anxiety, depression, lack of creativity, fears and restlessness. Negative energy puts you in a very bad and disempowering place. Using the analogy of a sponge that absorbs without choosing, just absorbing negativity and unwillingly attracting more of the same quality.

Sources of Negativity

There are inner sources and outer sources of negativity. How to discriminate when it comes from inside and when it is not ours? Only with inner silence, it is possible to discover your inner talk, your thoughts producing negativity or lying to yourself, or to discover how through your own cracks the negativity enters your system.

Happens every day all the time, it is like a self-hypnosis and if you don’t train yourself to stop these interferences then you will only feel its effects. It is not your fault because this process is unconscious because most of the people never learn how to bring awareness and consciously charge only what will empower you.

Negativity coming from inside yourself is for example when you don’t achieve what you want and your ego starts talking inside of your head, putting yourself in a negative state of mind that will also influence your physical state, your aura and your surroundings. Low resistance to frustration and lack of trust only bring more frustration and more negative thoughts.

Negative energy from the outside is when you allow negative people to influence you. But why will you allow that? Well for example when you don’t have healthy boundaries. Most of the people don’t feel comfortable setting healthy boundaries, sometimes some people need to please others and can only set boundaries when they are angry.

Sometimes you can be an empath and feel the pain of others making it yours. Or you have low self-esteem and whatever you do is never enough or just feeling guilty if you don’t save them. Some people think that if you are happy something bad will happen.

Another source of negative energy coming from outside are psychic attacks. Anybody channelling parasitic or negative entities can become a vampire. If one of your friends is somebody who likes to gossip or is always blaming others, or if you friend is the type that likes to talk too much and not listen, being overdramatic for silly things, being righteous and making you feel that you are not good enough, then your friend is a vampire and he or she will drain your energy.

Sometimes you may not realize but for certain you will feel the effects, like a sudden pain or you cannot think clearly, confusion, discomfort, restlessness, exhaustion, nausea, mood swings and especially lack of concentration. If you don’t set healthy boundaries your ego will become a puppet of these entities. Each person has a different crack where the negativity enters and in our workshops, we teach participants to discover their cracks, the cause and how to close these doors. The key to freedom is mindfulness, sounds easy but it is not. There is a lot of noise in your head and in the head of most of humanity.

Only because of this noise most people don’t know themselves, they are like leaves in the wind. Because we know this noise very well, our focus is to teach how to reach the inner silence. After the first workshop, our participants reach this state where you can feel how it is to be free. Can you imagine for the first time you realize you can choose not to react, you can choose to be neutral? What is the state of neutrality? It is when you are the owner of yourself, when you don’t react to other people’s talks, situations and especially when you are not getting what you want, flowing with what it is, for example trusting there must be something better for you. Using any situation as a lesson and allowing the universe to surprise you with new ways.

We cannot control death, but we choose how to live life. Most people still carry the wounds of a traumatic childhood and didn’t have the opportunity to heal the inner child. These wounds will come to the surface with triggers in everyday life, sometimes a very small trigger produces an overreaction. People are reacting all the time from outside triggers and from inside interpretations. The result is a lack of trust deep inside, that’s why for some people other people’s opinions and the excruciating need for approval are so important.

After a traumatic situation some people develop a PTSD, and there are different degrees of PTSD, for example, fear to fall asleep, phobia to open spaces or complete paralysis. This is a survival mechanism that evolved to look for danger, anticipate a threat and fight or run to ensure survival. This can result in a pessimistic and hopeless life. Acute psychological and emotional negativity can create a dampening field making you feel extremely defensive.

Perceiving Negative Energy

Detecting negative energy in a person can be done by paying close attention and recognising the symptoms. These include:

  • Quickly absorbing other people’s negative thoughts
  • Feeling restless and fretful
  • Unable to sleep well
  • Thoughts and feelings out of control
  • Anxiety
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue and exhaustion
  • Depression
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Prone to accidents
  • Dependency on drugs or alcohol to numb the pain
  • Overeating
  • Loss of control
  • Preference for dark places
  • Dirty environment and hoarding

Releasing Negative Energy

We can start developing some habits.

  • Spend time outdoors
  • Nature is good for your body and soul and exposure to green spaces reduces stress and boosts your energy levels. Going for a walk and breathing deep can lower risks of anxiety, and increase vitality. Walk barefoot in the grass, in the sand, imagine roots coming from your feet and going deep down to the centre of the earth. Stay a minimum of 20 minutes in the sun every day.

  • Running Water
  • Every day take a long shower, ideally swimming or taking a waterfall bath will help you clear negative energy.

  • Meditate
  • Looking for the inner silence and realize how the thoughts are not you.

  • Pets
  • As love is the highest vibration, a loving and unconditional companion where you simply focus on giving and receiving love.

  • Practice Yoga
  • Breathing exercises are another way to remove negative energy from the human body. The Bellows Breath and Shining Breath, in particular, are two techniques that help clear negative energy blockages. Invigorating breaths that energise the body and create internal heat to incinerate the negativity and expel the ashes cleanse both mind and body.

  • Gardening
  • Can trigger endorphins and immune-boosting cells which help reduce the effects of stress and lower blood pressure. The contact with soil improves the mood and vibration, naturally making it difficult to sustain a negative frame of mind.

  • Diet
  • Reduce the intake of sugar and other carbs. Stop drinking alcohol, smoking or vaping Re-frame your mindset. This has a profound impact on the negativity that’s harboured in your consciousness. This negativity feeds on complaints, griping, and grievances. Being able to recognise that constant complaining is just a symptom of self-pity and doesn’t change the external world but empowers you to be conscious of reality. If you cannot do it alone then look for a good psychologist to help you find the causes of this negativity. Clean your home Restore order to your home by decluttering and cleansing. Open the windows and allow the light in your house, letting the energy flow freely, remove anything you don’t need anymore. Add living plants, burn incense, and strategically place crystals to keep negativity out and richness in.

  • Clearing Negative Energy
  • Just as you cleanse your body you need to be able to clear your own negative energy that you may have picked up from other people and places. Some of it may be related to your own stress or even illness.

Blocking negative energy from others can be done by a technique known as visualisation. This imagining creates a real energetic shift that you can actually feel. The
first step is to set an intention – for releasing all of your own negative energy and that you picked up from others. Intention itself shifts energy.

Imagine a small ball of golden light in the middle of your chest expanding the light with each exhalation. Spread this light throughout your body and expand it beyond your skin in all directions. When you do this on a regular basis you will feel more balanced, calmer, and peaceful.

Follow visualisation by shielding.

Imagine a large bubble around you – about an arm’s length in all directions. Ask this bubble to act as a cell wall to let love and positive energy in. Request that anything negative will hit the shield and become neutralised by the earth so that the bubble can be filled with golden light.

Another powerful visualization is to connect with your body sensations and ask your unconscious mind to allow you to feel where in your aura are the doors where the negative energies enter and then visualize cords conducting this energy. You will cut these cords and decree you don’t allow anymore these connections. You will state you don’t indulge anymore in temptations that have the clear purpose of draining your energy. And especially to revoke any contract you may have in this life or another life where you gave your power to others, or your power was stolen. You reclaim your own sovereignty over your life, over your aura, over your psyche and over your spirit, assuming complete responsibility for yourself.

Finding Your Own Balance

Visiting the Spirit Vine Ayahuasca retreats in Brazil with their clean and harmonious environments will ensure you find a retreat programme to help you clean negative energies. The spiritual workshops offered have been designed to reconnect with your own power, discovering the source and patterns of unhealthy behaviour, and healing wounds after a traumatic experience. And especially to clear negative energies or vampiric entities we teach the workshop Spirit Releasement. After only one workshop you will be able to remove layers and layers of negative influences.

Art, meditation, and yoga are another essential part of the retreats with practices that help you align with the source. Guided visualizations are the most important part of our retreats, you will learn how to create a mental space for new insights, discovering hidden resources and skills. The state of presence achieved through yoga lets you feel calm and relaxed, enhancing life force, energy, and vitality. Using these tools will allow you to loosen and release the grip that negativity may have over you and let you feel in harmony.

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