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What Is Karma And How Does it Work?

What is Karma and how does it work? This frequently asked question can be fully answered when you understand the philosophy. The word Karma is derived from the Sanskrit word “Karman” and directly translated means act. Basically, this refers to the action taken in any given situation and the consequences resulting from this.

Life-Affecting Karma

As shown by physics, actions have an equal and opposite reaction. This theory can be applied to Karma as well. Energy created by every action is stored in your memory. And can be activated immediately, or weeks and months later when an experience is triggered by an external or internal stimulus.
Everyday acts such as going to work, being charitable, and helping others are all definitions of good Karma. Karma is energy created every minute via thoughts, words, and actions. And is unbiased and impartial. Whatever happens in your present life is perceived to be fruits of your past actions. And self-determination and positive actions can influence the quality of the future.

Karmic Guidelines

Here are a few guidelines that can help to change the perception and experience of life:

  • 1. Unconditional action – putting into the universe love, peace, and happiness without expecting the same in return
  • 2. Prioritization – focusing on what you want in your life
  • 3. Reflection – self-reflection helps you to understand and improve on actions that had undesirable consequences
  • 4. Humility – focusing on your own development before trying to change others
  • 5. Responsibility – taking responsibility for your actions along with their intended and unintended consequences
  • 6. Connection – understanding that the past, present, and future are all connected
  • 7. Focus – using principles and morals to help in deciding actions which can better your impact on society
  • 8. Giving – claiming the gifts from what you have learned and putting it into practice
  • 9. Here and Now – while the past and future play their game, remember to enjoy what is going on
  • 10. Change – accepting that change is inevitable can help in embracing the gifts of the future while easing the pain of letting go of the past

Storing and Releasing Karma

Deeper insights show that as well as the Karma created from your own actions, you are a product of the Karmic energy of your family, culture, and global history. Depending on your beliefs, we can say this is stored in your DNA, soul, or in some kind of a cosmic etheric record.
But we don’t have to take this as a life sentence and be limited by it. There are endless ways in which we can discover, understand, process, transform, and release the effects of past actions, whether they are ours or they belong to others. This can be done when we consciously accept that it is our responsibility to make conscious actions to change ourselves.

The Master Plan

Understanding how Karma works and knowing that we are not defined by it is a very powerful key. It is up to each person to use this key and go on the journey to discover more keys that will help them to transform karma. And this is the practice for a lifetime, a decision to adopt a new lifestyle that is much more exciting and centered in your own being.

At the Spirit Vine retreats in Brazil, we have workshops where you can learn techniques to unblock yourself and reconnect with your own power. By gaining access to tools that you can use at any time, you will discover ways of understanding yourself and transforming patterns that are no longer desirable. Through this process you can also discover your authentic desires and choose to follow a life that is in tune with your essence.

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