What Is Chakra?

What is chakra? This term comes from a language of ancient India with a history of over 3,500 years. Chakras are often referred to in the context of emotional healing – and have the ability to absorb, unite, and radiate energy to allow bodies to function at peak levels.

Each powerful wheel-like energy centre contains a unique vibrational frequency – starting at the crown at the top of your head and ending at the base of your spine. All parts of bodily systems are regulated by seven key chakras that correspond with different specific physiological capacities – the balance and the health of our bodies.

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What does chakra mean?

Chakra is an old Sanskrit word that literally translated means wheel. And relates to the spinning and rotating life force within our bodies. You can learn how to become in tune with these natural energy cycles, and use this information to unite any physical, emotional, and spiritual disparities with the chakras that energise them.

What is the root chakra?

The root chakra is one of the seven main chakras – and is located at the base of the spine. In Sanskrit, the root chakra is known as Muladhara. This chakra is foundational and enables security, calm, and confidence. When the root chakra is in alignment you’ll be at peace.

The colour of the root chakra is red, and is associated with the earth element. The primary role of this energy centre is to provide everything needed for survival.

A properly aligned root chakra is essential when you’re facing new challenges or aiming to reach new goals. A blocked root chakra will happen when a threat is made to your basic survival needs, such as financial or housing issues, and your root chakra can become out of alignment. This can result in panic attacks, anxiety, concentration difficulties, and general paranoia.

Physical problems caused by a blocked root chakra include:

  • Low energy levels
  • Cold hands and feet
  • Lower back and leg pain
  • Digestive discomfort

How to open your root chakra is fairly straightforward but can have profound impacts on how you feel. There are four useful techniques that can improve your self-confidence, and restore a basic sense of stability in your everyday life. These are:

Using root chakra stones – by simply wearing or holding these stones you may begin to realign a troubled chakra

Root chakra meditation and yoga techniques – focusing on specific areas of the body is an effective way of opening your root chakra

Eating particular foods linked to the root chakra – anything organic, protein-rich foods, red foods, and root vegetables are all excellent options to open the root chakra

Repeating root chakra affirmations – particularly effective immediately before or after meditation these positive statements are extremely useful for root chakra healing.

What is the heart chakra?

The 4th chakra is where your love, kindness, and compassion are empowered by the heart. The colour of this chakra is green, and it’s located directly over your heart. Due to it being the middle chakra it’s also responsible for connecting heaven with the physical world.

When this chakra is balanced, you’re able to love and be loved equally – seeing kindness and compassion in yourself and others. Healthy relationships, family, and pets all enhance the health of this chakra. When the heart chakra becomes unbalanced personal boundaries may be lost and the needs of others always put before your own. You may also feel restless and unfulfilled.

Symptoms of an overactive heart chakra can include:

  • An increased heart rate
  • Palpitations
  • Heartburn
  • Relationship issues

How to open your heart chakra can be achieved by focusing on the taking back some of the love given to others. You can do this by simply relaxing in a warm bath, treating yourself to a massage, or meditating.

What is the third eye chakra?

The third eye chakra or Ajna is located behind the forehead at eyebrow level. This 6th chakra oversees intuition and insight – particularly at spiritual levels – opening your mind to information beyond the material world.

Physic energy and extrasensory perception come from the third eye which is actually a small gland known as the pineal gland. This makes you feel awake in the daytime and sleepy at night.

The colour of this chakra is indigo. A balanced third eye chakra brings achievement when you begin a path to spiritual development – giving a feeling of being in tune with both the material and physical world.

An overactive third eye chakra may result in an inappropriate amount of time spent in studying astrology and paranormal experiences. An underactive 6th chakra can cause headaches and allergic reactions, and disconnection from spiritual experiences.

What is chakra balancing?

Chakra balancing is the way to promote general health and well-being by ensuring the free flow of life energy throughout the body. Obstructing this flow can lead to mental, emotional, and other physical illness. Balancing your chakras can enable you to heal mental, physical, and spiritual issues more quickly, and give you greater openness, concentration, memory, and awareness.

Aligning and maintain your chakras can be helped by carefully choosing the colours you wear, adjusting your diet, and listening to music with specific tones. Essential oils can also be used to balance chakras – applied directly to the skin or by inhaling.

What is chakra meditation?

How to clean your chakra involves mediation to help the general flow of energy. Visualisation during chakra meditation draws energy up for the centre of the earth and cleanses each energy centre with the relevant frequency, colour, and sound.

Meditation techniques allow you to work through stages to locate uncomfortable areas that may indicate a blockage. As you focus your undivided attention on this area you can help to rebalance it. Alternative visualisations involve deliberately increasing the speed of the chakra light rotation.

By visiting Spirit Vine Ayahuasca Retreats in Brazil you’ll be able to create new visions and insights taught to you by a lead facilitator. Mediation and regression methods will let your mind fully incorporate all received information – and you can visit the past, future, or a parallel life to eventually unblock chakras and reconnect to the power within.

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