What Is Ayahuasca And Where Does It Come From?
Ayahuasca vines growing at Spirit Vine retreat center

What Is Ayahuasca And Where Does It Come From?

This visionary brew has a chemical nature of active ingredients that makes it unique! The origins of the use of ayahuasca in the Amazon Basin was spread amongst the indigenous tribes as a traditional spiritual medicine with shamans performing healing retreats that claimed to be able to cure mental and physical illness whilst communicating with the spiritual world. So what is ayahuasca and where does it come from? Read on…

The hallucinogenic brew

Ayahuasca is a combination of two plants native to the Amazon rainforest – the caapi vine and the leaves of the P. viridis. By mixing DMT containing plants with MAO inhibiting ones produces an intense psychedelic effect with mystical experiences! This visionary drink has been used by primitive horticultural societies for centuries and is also known as iowaska, yage, natema, and kaki.

Medicinal properties

The ayahuasca plant when used for medicinal purposes can affect the human consciousness for half an hour after consumption and up to six hours later. It moderately increases the heart rate and blood pressure as effects include great elation, amplification of emotions and/or illumination. Its purgative properties can cause vomiting, diarrhea, sweating, crying and other forms of release as it cleanses the body. The spiritual awakening and rebirth experienced by many has been described as gaining access to a higher dimension.
In the western world ayahuasca or iowaska has a new definition as an orally active drug. The ayahuasca experience has shown that there’s no actual correlation between the depth of the journey and the visual effects. Visions tend to be intuitive and somatic – often there are no visions at all but simply auditory or insightful journeys. The vine carries the content of the message, the teaching, and the insight, whilst the leaf illuminates the content.

The benefits

So what is ayahuasca and what are the benefits someone can have with it? Depending on the intention of the person, the setting, the culture, the energy and intention of the facilitator, people may:

  • Receive spiritual teachings and insights
  • Receive spontaneous spiritual healing
  • Increase efficiency and concentration
  • Expand consciousness
  • Identify the totality of life
  • Find the cause of depression
  • Clear traumas and blockages to overcome PTSD

What is iowaska?

This is simply another name given to the brew made from the caapi vine and the viridis leaves. It has been reported that iowaska offers compassion, connectivity, and spirituality, and is spreading globally more than any other entheogen.

Our Ayahuasca retreat

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