Astral projection

What Is Astral Projection And How To Astral Project

What’s astral projection? Astral projection is defined as an out-of-body experience. Otherwise known as an OBE. This is something everyone experiences while dreaming, as the consciousness separates from the physical body. By doing this consciously, also known as lucid dreaming, we are able to travel independently from the body to different realms in the universe. See exactly what is astral projection and how to astral project…

How It Begins

The OBE starts with the practice of leaving the body. After this, you can consciously watch the physical body and physical realm from an external perspective, or you can start seeing other parallel planes of reality such as the astral plane, parallel Earths, alternate realities, and more. When you lift or float out of your physical body using your astral body you can explore both physical and astral planes.

How to Prepare for Astral Projection

Look at an astral projection guide below…

It can be easier to reach the half-sleep or hypnagogic state in the morning. But this isn’t essential. You need to be completely relaxed, so choose your bed or sofa where you can lie down and be comfortable. Minimize sensations by closing the curtains and avoiding interruptions from others.

Close your eyes and concentrate on your body. Focus on your breathing. And on individual parts of your body until all other thoughts are neutralized. Pay attention to the presence of vibrations which are enhanced as you sink into relaxation. And submit to these sensations as your consciousness prepares to leave your body.

Keeping the mind awake whilst the body falls asleep (hypnagogic state), allows you to relax profoundly without drifting into unconsciousness. As the sleep state is reached, rolling out of your physical form is achieved.

If you find yourself falling asleep you can keep your hand raised, this way when you fall asleep, your hand will fall and this should jolt you back to consciousness. This is something you will have to practice and learn because you have to control the reaction to move your body when your hand falls. You have to only become aware that your body has fallen asleep and then continue with the other OBE techniques.

Using your mind to effortlessly drift out of your physical body is known as lifting out. If you can, gaze upon your body from another part of the room. If you feel that your body is separate from your conscious self, your OBE is successful.

The silver cord is the connection between your body and the invisible force. Using this you can guide your consciousness back to your body, to come back to the physical plane. You should practice projection techniques for up to an hour. This timeline lets you apply the steps and wait for the results.

Astral Projection Techniques

There are many methods used to learn conscious OBE and astral projection. To make the processes easier you need to be able to clear your mind for several minutes. And keep your body deeply relaxed for long periods.

The rope method is one way to astral project instantly. After you reach deep relaxation and find your body is sleeping, imagine a rope hovering over you. Grab it and climb until you reach a point where you feel that you’ve exited from your physical body.

You can also try rolling out of your body, or just standing up. The tricky part is you have to do all of this with your will or intention. It has to feel like you are going to use your body, at the same time you cannot move your physical body. This can be challenging in the start, but with time this becomes natural as you learn to use your will independently from your physical body.

Discovering the Astral Plane

Remembering the experience after it happens is an important factor. As you slowly wake you can make notes to start collecting memories. When you’ve mastered the art, you can explore further than the bedroom or sitting room. Start noticing details and doing “reality checks” to see if you are in your everyday living room or if something is different.

Go to less familiar locations. After a few trips, you’ll be able to refer to your notes and confirm that you’ve performed astral projection. The benefits derived from your OBE include seeing life in a different way. And transcending the fear of death.

A direct experiential knowledge of existence beyond the physical plane creates a deeper sense of trust and security and creates a calmer, more relaxed way of living. By leaving your body you can get a greater understanding of why we came into this life.

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