Ayahuasca Retreat with Soul Retrieval

What is an Ayahuasca retreat with soul retrieval? What should I expect afterwards?

Soul retrieval is a spiritual practice which is traditionally used to heal people who have experienced traumatic events. In many ways, it’s a concept which is understood (in slightly more clinical terms relating to sufferers of past abuse and trauma) by many modern psychological practitioners.

Here’s everything you need to know about the soul in this context. About soul loss, soul healing and how it all comes together as a powerful combination in an ayahuasca retreat with soul retrieval.

What is soul?

Imagine the classical western image of what constitutes your soul. It’s the spirit which inhabits your body and, depending on your religious beliefs, will still be around in some fashion after your physical body dies.

Your soul contains everything which makes you, “you”. It does everything from control your likes, dislikes and what makes you get up every morning to connect you with your higher purpose.

If you have a full and complete soul, your mind will be clear. You won’t have any concerns or doubts which constantly play on your mind. You’ll know a person like this when you meet them. They don’t second-guess themselves. They don’t worry about what other people think about them or struggle with their emotions. They are, for want of a better word, soulful – full of their own soul.

What is soul loss?

Now imagine that if your soul is harmed by an event you have experienced, it will – for protection – seek to hide or cut away parts of itself. In other words, it is the “flight” part of the fight or flight response, though in this case only the soul takes “flight”. This is referred to as “soul loss.” And it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it’s best thought of as a sort of defense mechanism which your soul uses to safeguard your deepest essence from being harmed by traumatic events. Have you ever heard someone say something like they “haven’t felt the same since…”, or “my heart was broken…”, or “I don’t remember what happened…”?

Well, that’s the kind of sentence which may indicate some potential soul loss. Soul loss is most often caused by:

  • A physically traumatic event like an accident or major surgery
  • An emotionally traumatic event such as the death of a loved one, divorce or any unexpected ending of a serious relationship
  • Abusive relationships
  • Instances or patterns of self-abuse or self-criticism
  • Moments which you didn’t want to end and, in essence, you never got past
  • Even witnessing something traumatic happening to someone else can lead to soul loss

It’s worth repeating that while all of these are negatives, soul loss as a mechanism is not. Soul loss is a natural protective response by a person’s essential self when it suffers pain. Problems arise, however, when soul loss symptoms are not noticed and treated…

What are the symptoms of soul loss?

Soul loss will most commonly show itself as a person’s tendency to recreate the same patterns in their life. Have you noticed that someone:

  • Goes through a string of romantic relationships which always end by them feeling abandoned?
  • Has a group of friends who all seem angry or judgmental despite them rarely being like that themselves?
  • Has addiction problems – with alcohol or other drugs, gambling, sex, gaming, television or food, for example?
  • Has an “addiction” of a different sort – constantly giving to others to their own detriment, for instance?
  • Experiences constant chronic health conditions?

Any of these kind can be indicators that a person is suffering from some kind of soul loss. This calls for some kind of soul healing. This healing is often referred to as soul retrieval.

What is soul retrieval?

Soul retrieval is a spiritual practice which seeks to heal soul loss. Soul retrieval techniques vary, but one of the most common practices includes the taking of traditional brews or teas such as ayahuasca as part of a ritual to recover a person’s lost piece of soul. The psychoactive properties of such brews make them a powerful method for opening up a person’s emotional blocks. This makes an ayahuasca retreat with soul retrieval an option favored by many people who are looking for alternative ways to treat this sort of condition.

For those wondering what happens during a soul retrieval, meditation is common. This is always guided. But techniques do vary depending on the guide, so it’s always important to ask. Some places offer to do it for you, but what is much more powerful is when you can do it for yourself.

Methods can also vary depending on the soul loss sufferer’s memories of the event which lead to their soul loss. This can be clear or obvious to them. It could be hazy. Or it could be something long buried or surprisingly subtle yet which still harmed them mentally, emotionally or physically. Key to a successful retrieval will always be to first identify where the soul was lost.

What to expect after a soul retrieval

The effects of a soul retrieval vary from person to person. But the ideal outcome – when the missing “part” of their soul is found – can lead to:

  • A newfound sense of purpose
  • New feelings of curiosity or joy in simple things which weren’t there previously
  • A change in the way you consider your current relationships (with friends and family as well as romantic partners)

This is largely due to the acceptance of past emotions after a soul retrieval which many people remark upon.
The end goal of what is referred to as soul retrieval can perhaps best be understood as properly addressing and coming to terms with whatever traumatic event has – perhaps unwittingly – been responsible for shaping aspects of your life. Into a series of unpleasant relationships. Into harmful or non-productive habits. Or into an emotional rollercoaster ride.
By confronting these past emotions and allowing yourself to properly express them, you will have healed the missing part of your soul.

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