Soul tie

​What is a Soul Tie? Meaning, Symptoms and How to Break Them

Soul ties aren’t a new thing.

The words which people use to refer to a deep emotional bond formed after intimacy might change…

But the power of a soul tie remains:

A soul tie can let a person influence or manipulate you, even if they are unaware they are doing so. It can also sabotage your future relationships.

If you are going to move on, you will not want to leave them hanging around.

We also offer a workshop for breaking soul ties during our retreats.

Here is everything you need to know about how to break soul ties:

What is a soul tie?

A soul tie is a phrase which some people use to refer to a spiritual connection between two people.

In many cases, it is said to come into existence after two people have been physically intimate. In others, it is said to form after an intensely close spiritual or emotional relationship.

Common examples of soul ties refer to those formed with partners from previous relationships. That’s because this person had such a strong role in and influence on your life for such a long time that a deep bond or tie was formed.

That bond may not have necessarily ended when the relationship did.

Soul tie – symptoms

Soul tie symptoms are usually the same as those which are often experienced by people after the end of a particularly intense relationship. Although these effects can stay much after the relationship has ended, even years at times.

They might include:

  • Obsessing about a person in your thoughts – particularly during the daytime
  • Dreaming about a person or waking up thinking about them regularly
  • Imagining or hearing a person’s voice in your head

The symptoms of a soul tie may reach a level where they impact your current or future relationships. Even to the extent where the person you are tied to might pop into your thoughts at awkward moments, such as when you are in an intimate moment with your current partner.

This means that breaking a soul tie is an important step to take before you can move on with your life.

How to break a soul tie? 4 steps to break a soul tie

We outline 4 steps below to break soul ties:

1/ Acknowledge it is there

Much like anything which might be classed as a kind of addiction, acknowledging that you have a problem is the first step.

2/ Decide you’re going to do something about it

Next up is action. This action can take many forms. Some people like to find someone to talk to about their problems. This might be a psychologist or therapist of some kind, or merely meeting up with someone you trust to talk about the situation. But talk therapy or meeting a friend is usually not an effective solution for matters of this kind. 

For particularly deep and troublesome soul ties, meaning those which have already proven difficult to resolve – or which may have been formed with a person who it later turned out was undeserving – further action might be needed.

But, because soul ties – for although they sound like a modern invention – have actually been around since people were people, there are many alternative methods which have been developed when it comes to severing them:

One of the oldest is the ancient South American healing brew ayahuasca. Although it is often known in the United States as something people take at a party, in its original context it is an emotional and spiritual healing tea.

The traditional healers of Peru, Brazil and many other parts of South America would recognize many aspects of the condition we now call a “soul tie”. It was one of the many things which having an ayahuasca ceremony was recommended because of the spiritual healing potential. The brew is said to help one reassess their life and the connections they’ve formed while living it. This process is also called Spirit Releasement.

Of course, the brew’s psychoactive properties mean that you should think very carefully before trying it. But places like the Spirit Vine Center in Brazil’s Atlantic rainforest are retreats dedicated to this kind of spiritual cleansing which have developed around promoting the positive benefits of ayahuasca. At the Spirit Vine retreat center we have several workshops including breaking soul ties and spirit releasement. Everyone attending it learns techniques to overcome soul ties in 12 steps. There are also workshops on Spirit Releasement and Soul Retrieval where participants can learn techniques to cleanse the soul of pieces from others, and to reclaim lost pieces of their own soul.

3/ Forgive

This is often the most difficult step to take. In some cases, this might be because you feel that it is the other person in the bond who should be asking for your forgiveness. In others, there may be nothing to really forgive.

Whatever the case, forgiveness involves identifying any outstanding mental “debts” which may be keeping the soul tie alive and releasing them. This might mean you need to forgive yourself for making past decisions – something which is incredibly hard to do.

4/ Break the soul tie

The final step is to remove any physical objects which might link you to a person. This might mean photos you’re keeping “just in case”, gifts which you like and many others. These are symbols of the tie and need to be removed from your life. Even doing visualization exercises where you visualize the connection between yourself and the other person, and then severing it using your will and intention is a powerful way of finally releasing any bond.

Once all of the physical markers, mental debts and spiritual bonds have been dissolved, you should be well on the way to overcoming the symptoms of a soul tie.

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