Praia Havaizinho

Visiting Praia Havaizinho Beach near Itacaré – What to Know Before You Go

Havaizinho means “Little Hawaii” – and if you’ve ever stepped foot on the warm, white-gold sands of Praia Havaizinho, strolled beneath the beautiful palm trees and relaxed in or near the wonderful blue water lapping at the shore, you’ll know why the locals named this beach as they did.

Havaizinho Beach is a good choice for you if you’re visiting Itacaré and you’re into any of a whole range of activities:

Surfing at Praia Havaizinho

Many people think that the beach got its name because of the propensity for strong waves to roll in here, much like its much larger island namesake.

The waves you’ll see can indeed make for some great times if you’ve got your board with you – and you’ll often see people surfing at Havaizinho Beach. But it’s worth checking with any locals you might know whether the surf’s up or not. The waves can be brilliant here but they’re not always reliable!

Relaxing on “Little Hawaii” Beach

The surf’s up. The beach is warm and the waters are safe and inviting if you fancy a little dip to cool off. Havaizinho is a great place if you fancy a very short adventure (in the form of a short, relaxing walk along an easy jungle path or two) followed by a whole lot of peace and quiet.

How busy is it?

“Secluded” and “hidden” are words which are often used to describe Havaizinho. It’s a little outside of the immediate view of most tourists. So you’ll often find that even if you don’t have the beach to yourself, you do at least have something approaching privacy. Certainly, you run no risk of it ever being packed like some of the other even more famous local beaches. In fact, it’s rare that you’ll see many other people on the beach with you at all.

Food and drinks you can try

While there isn’t much in the way of infrastructure at Havaizinho, you’ll no doubt find several enterprising food and drinks stalls nearby. You can enjoy delicacies such as:

Tapioca – an absolute must-try. Think of Pita bread yet softer, available with a range of fillings. This simple yet awesome local snack is one of the culinary highlights of most people’s visit to Itacaré.

Coconuts & Fresh Fruit Juices – If the only type of coconut water you have tried before is from the supermarket, then grabbing a fresh coconut at one of the stalls and drinking straight from it is certainly going to melt your senses. Being in a tropical country, you can also enjoy a large variety of fresh fruit juices, just ask the vendor not to add any sugar so you can taste the raw deliciousness.

Is there any vacation rental at Praia Havaizinho?

There are a great many cabins – some with pools, not that the lovely warm waters of the nearby sea need any assistance in the “taking a little dip” line, but variety is the spice of life! – and many other types of vacation rental properties in the local area. This is a great option if you’ve been staying at a retreat center or anywhere else during the rest of your stay and you’re in the market for a change.

How to get to Praia Havaizinho

Praia Havaizinho is a short and easy walk from two of the other famous local beaches, Encenhoga and Itacarezinho. You’ll find it at the end of a 15-minute walk through the beautiful jungle, with birds singing overhead and palm trees shading the path.

The perfect break from the rest of your stay in Itacaré

Whether you’re exploring the rest of beautiful Itacaré after visiting the Spirit Vine Center for one of the ayahuasca retreats in Brazil which are becoming so well known, or you’re in the area anyway and are looking for a relaxing place to spend an afternoon or two, Havaizinho Beach is a fantastic choice if you like secluded sand, sea and surf..

They don’t call it “Little Hawaii” for nothing.

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