Tijuipe Waterfall

Tijuípe Waterfall – One of Brazil’s Hidden Treasures

Beautiful. People seem to review even natural wonders like waterfalls these days. And if there’s one word which features more than any other in reviews of Tijuípe Waterfall in Brazil, it’s beautiful. Seriously. Check the pictures!

Set amidst the breathtaking Atlantic Rainforest, probably the most visually stunning part of the Brazilian Rainforest, Tijuípe falls isn’t that high at four meters – although that’s high enough if you’re standing on the edge planning to dive off it! – but it’s impressively wide and has a truly wondrous pool of still water at the bottom.

Here you can take a relaxing splash in the water, shower and massage your back under the powerfully refreshing deluge of water after your little hike through the jungle.

How to get to Tijuípe Waterfall

Tijuípe Waterfall is 26km south of Itacaré at Fazenda do Carioca on the Cocoa Coast of Brazil.

Not too far from the stunning white-gold sands of Praia Havaizinho, just a little further south along the Itacaré-Ilhéus highway (BA-001), you’ll see a signpost for the falls. At the time of writing, the sign is an attractive wooden one with stark white letters and a large red arrow pointing in the direction of the falls. You can usually park in the shade of trees beside the main road but there is also a parking lot.

From there, it is only a short walk to the waterfall. You’ll need to pass over a small footbridge and take a very pleasant and easy hike through a very light jungle – it’s very well cared-for with exotic plants and truly stunning flowers – to reach the falls.

Tijuipe Waterfall

How big is Tijuípe Waterfall?

The falls are 13 feet (that’s 4 meters) high and 49 feet (15 meters) wide. There is a natural pool at the base. Several other smaller cataracts and pools are close by.

Can you swim in the falls?

Absolutely! The pool at the base of the falls is an incredibly relaxing space, with marked areas to show you where it gets deeper and a lifeguard on duty just in case. Even if you are a non-swimmer you’ll be perfectly safe – going in for a dip is highly encouraged!

Tijuipe Waterfall

What other activities are there?

You’ll have great views to enjoy in and around the falls themselves, but you can also:

  • Walk to the next falls – another cataract is around a quarter of a mile down the river. You can stroll along the beautiful, pleasantly shaded path to reach these smaller falls.
  • Hire a kayak or canoe – there are a couple of canoes usually available for rent.

Are there any facilities nearby?

The beauty of Tijuípe draws people from far and wide. Local people have been keen to preserve it, as well as to cater to anyone who might want – for example – a bite to eat when they’re visiting. Close to the falls you will find:

  • A restaurant with decent food and very fair prices
  • Safe diving provided via rope
  • A nearby garden center or nursery selling plants
  • Various trails to explore the jungle nearby
  • A parking lot
  • A lifeguard on duty

To pay for the upkeep of the small facilities, you’ll usually need to pay a small toll – it’s usually less than $4 USD – to approach the falls. Do be sure to take a little cash with you as they don’t have the facilities to accept card payment.

Tijuípe Waterfall – a great place to visit in Itacaré

Whatever your reason for coming to Itacaré, whether it’s to visit the Spirit Vine Center for an ayahuasca retreat, to partake in the local passion for capoeira or yoga or simply to take in this stunning part of the world, the Tijuípe Waterfall is definitely one for your must-see list.

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