Resende Beach

Resende Beach – everything you need to know before you go

Resende beach is often called the most beautiful beach in Itacaré. It has lush white sand. Palm trees. Great waves. Plus, it’s located conveniently close to Itacaré town itself…

Praia do Resende is great if you love to surf. It’s also a wonderful spot if lying down in the shade of waving palm leaves, sipping a refreshing drink or getting a bite to eat before dipping into the hot rays of the Mexican sun and warm waters is more your speed.

Plus, there are laws in place which prevent any sneaky developers from building anything near to Resende, so the shoreline remains unspoiled. On top of that, most people only get as far as visiting nearby Praia Concha, so that beach intercepts a great deal of foot traffic. This ensures Resende retains a manageable level of popularity.

In short, if you’re looking for only one beach to visit in Itacaré, Resende is the hidden jewel you should place at the top of your list…

How to get to Resende Beach

If you’re in Itacaré, you’re in luck. The beach is only five or ten minutes walk from the town center. The main road in town – Caminho das Praias – has a small track heading off it which leads to the beach. That’s it! You’re there.

What is the surf like at Praia Resende?

Local surfers positively flock to this beach. You’ll usually see their tents clustered in one part of it or other. There are plenty of strong waves which inspire a whole bunch of local people as well as tourists to bring their boards.

There are a few rocks and a riptide you do need to be wary of, so most of those in-the-know recommend being at least an intermediate-level surfer before you paddle out here.

But it is far less crowded than Tiririca around the corner. Most people would argue this makes the slightly less regular waves worth it.

What other activities are there?

You’ll find plenty of local residents and holidaymakers enjoying Resende’s beautiful surroundings to get in their daily exercise. A few people go running here in the morning when it’s quiet. Then, as the day rolls on, you can see and take part in a great number of different sporting activities, possibly excepting the hottest hours around noon.

Unusually for a beach like this, there’s also a grassy area with plenty of palm trees just to the rear of the sand. This makes for an ideal place to hang out if you can grab a good spot. It’s also the perfect solution if you need to get out of the sun at midday. Remember – the Mexican sun gets hot!

Are there any facilities?

The laws against construction in the local area prevent any big facilities being built – which pretty much everyone agrees is a good thing. There are certainly no pousadas or other accommodation like you’d find at Tiririca, say.

You’ll still find small huts selling food, including fresh fruit like coconuts, and drinks along the rear of the beach. The usual – and highly recommended – tapiocas with vegan and vegetarian options are a local favorite which you definitely shouldn’t miss out on.

You can also rely on there being places to rent out deck chairs, sun loungers or an umbrella for shade. But, given that area of grass to the rear of the beach has plenty of shade beneath the trees, as long as it’s a quieter day or you get there relatively early to stake out your spot, you shouldn’t need to hire the latter.

Resende Beach – the most beautiful in Itacaré

Your trip to Itacaré simply wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Praia Resende. Something which anyone could suggest as the “most beautiful beach in Itacaré” cannot possibly be missed. There’s some serious local competition for the title!
It doesn’t matter whether you’re visiting the Spirit Vine Center for an ayahuasca retreat in Brazil’s beautiful rainforest, or if you’re visiting to see or take part in the thriving local capoeira scene or just to see what this stunning part of South America has to offer, Resende Beach should always be on your to-see list.

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