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The Spirit Vine Ayahuasca Blog has articles about  safe practices, spirituality, integrating the ayahuasca experience, and other relevant topics. The blog will also cover many of the techniques that we teach during the retreats. We intend to provide information that will assist people on their spiritual path and in their journey with ayahuasca.

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Spirit Vine is a trans-denominational ayahuasca retreat center open to people from all over the world who are looking for a safe ayahuasca retreat experience.

Blog Articles

Tijuipe Waterfall

Tijuípe Waterfall – One of Brazil’s Hidden Treasures

Beautiful. People seem to review even natural wonders like waterfalls these days. And if there’s one word which features more than any other in reviews of Tijuípe Waterfall in Brazil, it’s beautiful. Seriously. Check the pictures! Set amidst the breathtaking Atlantic Rainforest, probably the most visually stunning part of the Brazilian Rainforest, Tijuípe falls isn’t that high at four meters

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Praia Havaizinho

Visiting Praia Havaizinho Beach near Itacaré – What to Know Before You Go

Havaizinho means “Little Hawaii” – and if you’ve ever stepped foot on the warm, white-gold sands of Praia Havaizinho, strolled beneath the beautiful palm trees and relaxed in or near the wonderful blue water lapping at the shore, you’ll know why the locals named this beach as they did. Havaizinho Beach is a good choice for you if you’re visiting

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What is past life regression

What is past life regression and how does it work?

Was that feeling just a little déjà vu? Or was it something more? Today we will share some information about one of our most successful workshops – Past life regression. What is past life regression? Many people that come for our retreats don’t believe in past lives, reincarnation, karma, or soul. Taking this into consideration, our method in our past

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What is soul searching

What is soul searching?

What is soul searching? Soul searching means taking a long, hard look at your “self”. It’s a phrase which seems to have entered the common lexicon in a casual sense – “oh, I’m going away over the weekend to do a bit of soul searching”. Although it’s rarely meant as anything other than a half-joke or in relation to getting

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Overcoming childhood trauma

How to overcome a childhood trauma

There is no one fixed and certain answer when it comes to how to overcome childhood trauma. Trauma itself is entirely subjective. What is true for one person might not be true for another… How childhood trauma affects health across a lifetime Even recognizing the fact that a person has experienced a traumatic event can be difficult. Due to the

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What do you know about Yoga? History, origins, development.

Yoga seems to be everywhere at the moment. From famous celebrities doing it to the yoga studios which seem to be popping up on the corner of every street. But where does yoga come from? Who discovered yoga? Here you’ll find everything you need to know about the history of Yoga: Where did yoga originate? Yoga originated in India. The

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