Spirit Attachment

How to Tell if a Spirit is Attached to You?

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Spirit attachment is defined in the simplest terms as a person who has an energy or an entity connected to them. This concept has been accepted by many shamans, esoteric philosophies, transpersonal psychology, and mediums for a long time – and due to the increase of mainstream exposure into paranormal investigations, it continues to be actively investigated and researched. Spirit attachments are a specific grouping of negative subtle energies which can vary in power and have different potential effects and may be misdiagnosed as symptoms that can fit a number of other possible causes. We all have spirit attachments in different degrees.

Sometimes people are very worried that they can be possessed during the ayahuasca ceremony but people already come here with attachments of all kinds and I teach them techniques on how to clean themselves and close the cracks. Possession or spirit attachment is happening all the time because unconsciously people are inviting and feeding these entities. Normally people don’t know anything about this, only distorted information from movies.

Thoughts are vibrations and with your thoughts you attract entities for resonance. Thoughts affect the condition of the aura. With your thoughts and projections, you are feeding entities. For example, gossiping, jealousy, addictions, control issues, victim complex, pornography, etc. All our bad habits and everything that causes an endless repetition of your unconscious pattern of behavior are connected to your lower chakras and for resonance you attract the same time of low energy entities.

The bad habit to look for a saviour is one of the main causes of spirit attachment and possession. For the same reason when people do rituals assuming they are good and without fully understanding that they are calling entities and opening portals. The antidote is to work in your shadow or dark side, being aware of your temptations because even though it is very painful when you are convinced you are a victim, at the same time you feel pleasure in being right. It is a trap with no evolution. All of these bad habits are programs that need to come to awareness and see if you are ready to make the commitment to let them go.

Why is it so difficult to realize how we are inviting the attachments? It is because most people are so trapped that they don’t have perspective of the problem and also lack of knowledge. Most people don’t know anything about the entities in the spiritual world and how they need energy or food to survive. Or they don’t believe they are the ones inviting these entities, it is easier to blame other people. It is a lot of work to connect the higher centers (when possible) because this process requires awareness and the correction of bad habits. To stay clean of attachments it is imperative to stop looking outside and stop projecting, taking total responsibility for yourself.

Spirit attachments will use any crack in your aura. For example, if you are addicted to alcohol you will attract the earthbound of somebody who was an alcoholic.
Healers, therapists, and shamans have the obligation to be clean and sealed in order to help others. But today some people call themselves a shaman or healer because they did a short course and started working without the process of unveiling their own shadow. We all read stories about shamans or gurus abusing followers. They can do that because people are giving them the power instead of accepting the challenge to grow themselves. In the case of shamans, the initiation is not only to drink lots of ayahuasca, taking lots of plant baths and another shaman cleansing you. An initiation is to bring consciousness about your own patterns or behaviour and take absolute responsibility in freeing yourself of addictions or bad habits. To be the owner of your mind and to consciously open or close the door to entities. And this process is forever, it is a constant work because it is so easy to fall asleep again.

Common Symptoms of Spirit Attachment

The effects of spirit attachment vary in degrees – from barely perceptible to causing incapacity. Attached spirits may influence feelings and perceptions. Abusive voices are characteristic of lower spirits, and helpful spirits are attributed to spirit guides or a divine source.

Spirits only attach themselves to those who are willing and cooperative – and the willingness and cooperation most of the time happen within the deeper unconscious level. This is the reason for the attachments happening to people with a lot of negative emotions, resentful, creating turmoil and disorder.

Especially empathic people need extra care and training because they are more open to these types of influences. Mediums use on purpose connections with entities for different purposes but they have to be well trained in order to channel or incorporate in a way that can be productive for themselves and others. This is the difference between a psychotic break and a medium channel, the content makes sense and brings productive information.

Different types of spiritual attachments

Earthbound is the spirit of a dead person that didn’t leave this realm, one of the reasons can be addictions, for example a drug user will experience drugs through a living person that is using this drug.

Another example of earthbound can be a dead relative and somebody we loved that wants to stay inside of you or near you. For example, a dead grandmother who died thinking she still has to protect the grandchild, in this case a fragment of her soul will remain around. Sometimes can be the attachment of a soul fragment of a living person, for example a guru influencing our thoughts and behavior but only because with your infatuation you gave him/her permission.

Sometimes this attachment is a subpersonality or part of yourself that is dissociated from your main personality, like for example a rejected child perpetuating shame, resentful and abandoning feelings. This is very typical when somebody says wherever I go I find the same type of people, the same problems.

If you are obsessing with a certain thought, feeding this thought continuously will create a thought form that will attach to your aura or the aura of another person. Thought forms are energy and they are alive.

Also, it can be contracts you did in former lives in a conscious or unconscious way. I don’t like to call them past lives because I believe we are multidimensional, and everything is happening now, in different channels but now. And the other channels are affecting this one. For example, if you were part of a cult and you made commitments that you are not fulfilling then you can be stalked by entities punishing you. Knowing about the contracts you can cancel them.

In the same way, enemies from other lives may stalk you today.

There are entities that never were a person, I prefer not to give examples of this type of entities here because some people may feel afraid, I prefer to explain more in detail during our workshops.

Symptoms, like pain or tension in your body may be attachments, you may be carrying soul fragments of another person that is alive, for example an ex-boyfriend who abused you or
broke your heart, or a schoolmate who was bullying you and now is inside still torturing you.

This is a form of PTSD. After a traumatic situation you keep carrying the wound forever or till you apply the right technique to clear these loops.

Shamans talk about darts, which are made of bad intentions, like black magic toward you in a form of invisible dart inside the body or in the aura. I also call them arrows or chips and they are made of astral energy. I teach people how to discover the cause of these invaders, their location and to remove them. Sometimes it is also possible to remove the veils and discover who sent this black magic to you.

We have several workshops where I teach how to clear spirit attachments.

The process of clearing them from the energy field is known as Spirit Releasement

Spiritual Workshops

Visiting Spirit Vine Ayahuasca retreats in Brazil will give you an opportunity to connect with your essence at a deeper level – finding balance and re-establishing the connection with your higher self. Every aspect of the retreat is planned for you to achieve a state of harmony.

With more than 25 years of experience of shamanism and a multitude of other disciplines such as modified states of consciousness and trans-personal psychology Silvia Polivoy – the lead facilitator – will conduct unique workshops to select the best techniques to help and support you with your individual spirit releasement.