Learn How To Get The Most Benefit From Your Ayahuasca Experience

Learn How To Get The Most Benefit From Your Ayahuasca Experience

Whether you’ve decided to take part in an ayahuasca ceremony as part of your spiritual journey or want to address a specific issue in your life, testimonials and experiences suggest that the people who gain the most benefit from an ayahuasca experience are those who take time to prepare beforehand and integrate what they’ve been shown afterwards.


Find a guide or facilitator you trust
Ayahuasca is known to amplify whatever you are feeling, that is why it is of utmost importance to feel complete trust and safety in the people and environment where you are doing ayahuasca. There may be times in your ceremony when you’ll feel things very strongly. Knowing that someone who you trust and respect is there to guide you through will allow you to let go and enter deep in the experience without fear.

Follow the diet
The longer you follow the the recommended ayahuasca diet on our website the cleaner your body, this way you will feel lesser physical effects of the ayahuasca and you will be able to go deeper into your spiritual experience. We recommend starting the diet as many weeks prior as possible or at least 3 days before the retreat starts. During this time you must not consume alcohol, drugs, tobacco, medicines, and strong foods such as red meat, sugar, fermented foods and where possible avoid salt. Cleansing the body before cleansing the mind makes practical sense, and in attending to your physical well-being you’re already turning your focus towards things that enhance your life rather than temporary distractions that bring short-term satisfaction.

Focus on your intention
If there’s an issue in your life you’re struggling with, or something you’d like to gain insight into, now is the time to define what that is. It is important to set your priorities and make a short list of intentions for the retreat. You must have only one intention for each ayahuasca ceremony, although you should not be attached to it — the best way to approach ayahuasca is to announce your intention and let go.
Put your daily concerns aside
The stress and pace of modern life gets in the way of remembering what’s really important. If you’re on an ayahuasca retreat you’re likely to be in a beautiful place that’s unfamiliar to you. Paying attention to the wonder of nature can be a very good way to put your concerns over the chances of promotion or other trivial concerns! It is best to avoid watching news, sports, or other things that occupy the mind with unnecessary information.


Put your expectations aside, have faith and go with the flow
Yes, you’ve set your intentions, but every ayahuasca experience is unique. Ayahuasca is an intelligent sentient entity, so you will get what you need most, even if it is not what you expect or think you need. It is best to go through the experience without fighting or trying to control what is happening, this can lead to a bad trip. Surrendering and allowing the process will give you the most benefits from the experience and you may realize that it has answered your intention in a very unexpected way.


Share your experience and Integrate your insights
After the ceremony you’ll generally be encouraged to talk things through with the group and the facilitator. This time of sharing is as important a part of the ceremony because it helps process the content and if the facilitator has experience and a strong intuition they can help you to interpret and integrate the lessons in your everyday life.
Most people come out of an ayahuasca experience feeling spiritually cleansed. How long this sense of renewal lasts depends entirely on how they work with the insights gained during the ceremony. Ayahuasca is a catalyst. It doesn’t ‘cure depression’ but it can provide you with the tools you need to move beyond negative mental states. You’ll gain the most benefits from your ceremony if you make a conscious effort to integrate what you’ve learned and use it to change the way your approach your everyday life. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and applying the lessons will ensure that the benefits of ayahuasca continue with you even months and years after the retreat experience.

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